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Whip spawn small.gif
"Whip you into shape!"
Kharaa.png Kharaa
Team Resources
Icon team resource neutral.gif 13
Icon kharaa supply.gif 5 / 200
650 (720)
175 (240)
Ground Speed: 3.5
Abilities and Upgrades
Slap, Bombard, Move
Upgrade Skulk
Tech Requirements:
Build on Infestation
Build Time: 68 (auto-build), 20 (Grow) seconds
Builds From: Alien Commander
Buy From: Advanced Tab
Hotkey: F
Mature Time: 120 seconds


The Whip is a Kharaa semi-static defense structure built by the Alien Commander. It is a worm-like alien organism that appears as a large, highly flexible, and carapace-covered tentacle surrounded by bony growths around several luminescent sacs, with muscular tentacle appendages that aid in movement.

As with most Kharaa structures, the Whip is rooted into Infestation when grown. However, it does not depend on infestation for nutrition, and instead uses it to support its body mass. The Whip can uproot and waddle along the ground to reposition itself. When rooted, it can lash out with its elastic tentacle and slap a nearby target, an action that earned its name among Marines.

When matured, the Whip can grow an acid-filled sac that contains a highly corrosive bile for inorganic materials. The Mature Whip can effectively bombard Frontiersmen bases by flinging these sacs using surprising force, and causing the acid to splatter explosively on impact.



Whip slapping a Marine

Slap icon.gif
Slaps a target with the Whip's armored tentacle that deals bonus damage against robotic units and structures.
  • Merges with Bombard ability when Whip is matured.
  • Against Robots and Structures: Damage x 200%
  • Cannot attack while moving or regrowing Bombard sac.
  • Disables when Whip is burned by Flamethrower or on fire.
Damage 50
Type Structural
Range 7
Fire Rate 2 seconds
Targets Marine, Exosuit, Robots, Structures
Requires Rooted on Infestation


A bombard sac exploding on impact

Bombard icon.gif
Throws a bile sac that explodes on impact, dealing splash damage to all Frontiersmen units and structures in the area.
  • Merges with Slap ability when Whip is matured.
  • Only damages armor for Marine and Exosuit.
  • Cannot attack while moving or regrowing Bombard sac.
  • Disables when Whip is burned by Flamethrower or on fire.
  • Bombard projectile evaporates when burned by Flamethrower.
Damage 250
Type Corrode
Range 10
Radius 6
Fire Rate 6 seconds
Targets Armor, Robots, Structures
Requires Mature Whip, Rooted on Infestation


An uprooted Whip waddling about

Move / Stop
Move icon.gif
Issues a move or stop order to a Kharaa unit or structure.
  • A waypoint will display at the selected destination.
Hotkey S (icon), Mouse2 (cursor)
Targets Ground, Units, Structures



A newborn Crag slowly maturing

Nutrient mist icon.gif
Most Kharaa structures will mature over time, gaining extra maximum Health and Armor every second until fully matured.
  • Max health/armor and mature time vary between different structures.
  • At 50% maturity, the structure is prefixed as "Grown".
Targets Structure


Upgrade Skulk

Upgrade Skulk notification

Upgrade Skulk
Skulk egg icon.gif
Unlocks Leap and Xenocide abilities for all Skulk players when the abilities' Biomass level requirements are met.
Hotkey Z
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 20
Research Time 90 seconds
Targets Skulk

Tips and Strategies

  • Placement: Whips have a limited attack range, so placing them in open areas where Marines have direct line of sight will get the Whip killed.
    • Whips are best placed behind a doorway, so a Marine must engage at close range to shoot at it (see Hydra placements for more hints).
    • Once matured, Whips gain the ability to lob a sac of acid (similar to Bile Bomb), it does straight up damage and not damage over time.
    • Sneak a Whip to Marine base by using the Echo ability of a Shift, a few volleys will destroy any building.
    • Echoing a Whip (or any other structure), into an area controlled by a Shade means Marines don't see it coming til its too late.