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Hotkey 3
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 3 to drop
PRes Icon personal resource neutral.png 3 to buy
Damage 15 per Flame
Repairing varies
Type Flame
Fire Rate 0.2 seconds
Requires Armory


The Welder is a piece of purchasable Marine equipment from the Armory or Advanced Armory, automatically researched after an Armory is built.

When purchased, the Welder replaces the Switch-Axe, allowing the wielding Marine to repair Power Nodes, damaged marine buildings or robots, and Marine Armor. It builds ghost structures, unbuilt power nodes, and destroyed power nodes faster than the build tool. It deals little damage at a high firerate so it is a viable last resort in an engagement. Against alien structures, it does less damage than the Switch-Axe so it is a trade-off between its repairing functionality and the Axe's anti-structure role. Upgrading Weapon levels will not increase damage potency or repair rate. It is planned to be able to weld doors shut.

Unlike it's NS1 counterpart, the Welder no longer uses its own weapon slot; it replaces the Switch-Axe, and has considerably higher damage compared to the NS1 Welder, enough to be a viable last resort in combat. It should be noted that the Welder's damage per second is higher than the Switch-Axe; it deals damage .25 seconds more frequently, making it a slightly more effective weapon in melee combat. However, the Welder replaces the Axe's Structural damage with Flame damage.

The Welder may be dropped by pressing 'g'. Dropping the Welder will leave you with the Switch-Axe. You may also enter any Exosuit by pressing 'e'.


Welder Diagram.png

A: your crosshair

B: percentage of health/armor of what you're welding


Speed with the Welder
Walking Sprinting
forward 5.86 7.23
strafing 5.86
backward 2.35

The Welder weighs nothing, just like the Pistol and the Switch-Axe, so you can run full speed with it equipped.


The Welder, as its namesake suggests, specializes in welding Marine armor, and structure and robot metal plating. It repairs structures health and armor at the same speed. The repair rate changes depending on what you're welding.

Welding an Armory
Welding Chart
Group A Group B Group C Group D
Repair Rate 18 Armor/second 81 Armor/second 195 Armor/second 130 Armor/second
Range 2.4 2.4 2.4 2.4

Group A: Marine and Exosuit armor

Group B: Command Center, Infantry Portal, Prototype Lab, Extractor, Armory, Observatory, Phase Gate, Arms Lab, Robotics Factory, ARC, MAC, and Sentry Battery.

Group C: Power Node

Group D: Sentry

Tips and Tactics

  • you can actually weld while running
  • don't leave base without it.
  • weld other marines and structures if safe.
  • don't use the Welder to take down structures unless they are flammable.
  • you may use the Welder as a last resort in combat but it may be better to try to reload your Pistol and dodge at the same time.
  • once Exosuits are out, everyone should have a Welder to repair the Exos.
  • Exosuits marines are now able to get out (press and hold "G"), it is now possible to weld your own Exosuits if you purchased your own welder. To hop back in press "E". Note others can not take your Exosuit.