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The Use key (default hotkey: E) allows Frontiersmen and Kharaa players to interact with various objects for different gameplay functions.


  • Builder
    • Hold the Use key to bring out the Builder tool, when aiming at an unbuilt structure for assembly. This is staple to Marine gameplay as the Mobile Automated Constructor (Commander-controlled construction and repair robot) requires a Robotics Factory to produce.
  • Login
  • Buy Menu
  • Rebuild Power Node
    • Marines can repair destroyed Power Nodes with the Use key.
  • Lock Door
    • Marine players can press Use on a door console to lock a door temporarily to prepare for welding.


  • Growth Spurt
    • Hold the Use key as Gorge while aiming at a growing structure to accelerate construction. All Kharaa structures except the Hive can be sped up during construction.
  • Enter Hive
    • Any Kharaa lifeform can press Use on an unoccupied Hive to become Alien Commander.