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Resource Model

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Extractor icon.gifHarvester icon.gif
"We need more resources!"
Personal Resources
Icon personal resource neutral.png 0.1 per 6 seconds

(per fully built Resource Tower)

Team Resources
Icon team resource neutral.gif 1 per 6 seconds

(per fully built Resource Tower)

Icon marine supply.gif 0 / 200
Icon kharaa supply.gif 0 / 200
Tech Requirements:
Extractor, Harvester
Limit: 200 T-Res and Supply per team, 100 P-Res per player

Resources are the currency used by both the Marine and Alien teams to perform game-play actions. They are gathered by building an Alien Harvester or a Marine Extractor on a Resource Node. There are two types of usable resources: Team and Personal Resources, also knows as T-Res and P-Res, respectively.

Resources are the most important aspect of a game, the team that controls the most resources for the longest period of time, will be able to advance to greater weapons/lifeforms and unlock upgrades to defeat the enemy team very quickly. They are used by the Marine Commander to upgrade the Damage and Armor of Marines and research devastating Advanced Weapons and Exosuits

Comparison to Natural Selection 1

Natural Selection 2's Resource Model retains many elements from Natural Selection 1, but also possesses some characteristic differences. The system differentiates between a team's communal resources and each individual player's personal pool of Personal Resources.

Marines now have their own supply of Personal Resource to purchase weapons, unlike previously when they relied on the Commander to provide them with upgraded weapons. However, the Marine Commander may still spend Team Resources to drop weapons using the Assist tab in the Commander View.

Kharaa lifeforms require Personal Resource to evolve, while structures require Team Resources handled by the Alien Commander. The Gorge spends Personal Resources to create Gorge structures.

Team Resource

Indicator of a Marine team's Resources.

Team Resources are resources provided to and spent exclusively by the Marine Commander and Alien Commander to build structures and purchase upgrades for their team.

  • Team Resources accumulate at a steady rate of 1 resource per 6 seconds for each fully built Extractor or Harvester held.
  • Team Resources are capped at an upper limit of 200.

NS1 Comparison

The Team Resource model most closely resembles the resource system of the Frontiersmen in the original Natural Selection in the same way that only the commander could access the pool. The system has been made universal for both teams, including the Kharaa which had previously used a system resembling the current implementation of Personal Resources. Unlike Natural Selection 1, no Team Resources are earned upon killing an enemy player.

Personal Resource

Indicator of a Marine's Personal Resources.

Icon personal resource neutral.png Personal Resources are resources distributed to all players participating in the game, and for every player to spend on personal upgrades at their own discretion. Marines can use Personal Resources to buy weapons and equipment, while Kharaa players can evolve to higher lifeforms and Traits.

  • Accumulates at a steady rate of 0.1 per 6 seconds from Extractors and Harvesters.
  • Players are limited to saving 100 Personal Resources at any given time.
  • At 100 Personal Resources, any additional resources are distributed evenly among the player's teammates.
  • If a player disconnects from a server, his Personal Resource amount will be saved until he reconnects.
  • If a player switches factions during a round, he will retain his earned Personal Resources.

Resource Restriction

The Team Commander will not accrue any Personal Resources whilst in a Command Structure.


Supply is the global limit of specific units and structures for both the Frontiersmen and Kharaa factions. The supply cap is visible in the resource counter at the top centre of the commander interface for the Marine Commander and Alien Commander.

  • Each faction has a supply limit of 200, with different units and structures occupying various amounts of supply.
  • When the supply limit is reached, units and structures costing supply cannot be produced.
The Alien commander supply limit counter
The Marine commander supply limit counter

List of Supply Costs