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A Spectator is any player who enters the Spectate section of the Ready Room found within all official Natural Selection 2 maps.

Upon entering spectator mode, the player is invisible, intangible, and capable of free movement in any direction. All spectators have access to a graphical user interface to keep track of the round's progress for both the Frontiersmen and Kharaa factions, in addition to instantaneous swapping of various perspectives.

Spectator Controls

1: Freelook view.

2: Overhead view.

3: Third person view.

4: Hide UI.

Space: Cycles through view modes.

Shift: Has unintended side effects in freelook movement, this is a relic of when Insight was still a mod.

Ctrl: Toggles building health bars in Overhead mode.

Q :Shows Graphs with Resource Towers built and destroyed, collected Resources and Team Kills.

Middle Mouse button: Draws a line that adheres to the camera movement. Note: This is only in 'overhead view'

Right Mouse Button: Draws a line that adheres to the location drawn. Note: This is only in 'overhead view'

Backspace: Deletes all drawn lines.

You can also click on the minimap and on the player and tech point frames to jump to a different location.

Admin Commands

teams "team1name" "team2name"

team1 "team1name"

team2 "team2name"

This sets the team names on the top frame. The quotes are necessary in case the team names have spaces in them.

teams swap

teams switch

This swaps the names of the teams.

teams reset

teams clear

This clears the team names. In future versions, it will completely hide the team name frame.


Insight is a spectator mod created by community members Dghelneshi and Huze, with artwork provided by Rantology. The mod has been featured in numerous Natural Selection 2 HD and Unknown Worlds competitive game casts; having gained increasing popularity, Insight was officially integrated into the game in Beta Build 216.

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