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Six Days in Sanjii

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The following is some Natural Selection lore that was written by (a name I have forgotten. Please add if you know). It used to be included on an old version of the UWE website and is the closest thing to an official story for Natural Selection.


Few records exist as vivid and historically important as Fajid Roha’s award winning “Six Days in Sanjii,” the account of his rather remarkable experiences aboard Sanjii, the Genghis Labs mining facility. Fajid had the dubious honor of being a part of the first TSA team to ever encounter the aliens. Located in the star fields called The Steppes, in the Mongolian Cluster (just outside the settled end of the Ariadne Arm), Sanjii became an important Frontiersmen staging point during the Ariadne campaign.

For a background of the events leading up to, and including, the Genghis Labs mission, click here.

Fajid was first a war correspondent, then a TSA marine, and finally a Frontiersman. He provided invaluable reports from the front all throughout his service in the Ariadne Arm. He received the Mark of the Deep Well and the Ariadne Constellation for three years of meritorious service; plus a Pulitzer, for the piece that follows.