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Capture Points

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Capture Points are primary objectives located in every official Natural Selection 2 map. Both Frontiersmen and Kharaa must secure these points by constructing command or resource gathering structures on top.

Tech Point

The Tech Point is the command structure buildable space for the Command Station and Hive. It is a grate on the floor that protects the blue-colored power conduit underneath, which is for aesthetic purposes only and is not associated with the Power Node mechanic for the Frontiersmen.

Tech Points are located in different key locations on every official map, with amount per map varying from 4 to 5. Because Tech Points are required to construct command structures, Tech Point locations are highly contested areas in standard gameplay, as they dictate the technology progression for both factions.

If a faction does not occupy at least 1 Tech Point, then the game ends in defeat.

Resource Nozzle

The Resource Nozzle is a map entity found in strategic locations on all official Natural Selection 2 maps. It enables both the Frontiersmen and Kharaa factions to construct a single Extractor or Harvester atop to collect Team and Personal Resources.

The occupation of these nozzles is pinnacle to game progression; without an active resource tower to provide resources, a faction cannot build structures or research upgrades, effectively granting the opposing team the game ending advantage.