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Ready Room

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as of Build 275
(Current Build : 284)

The Ready Room is the lobby mechanic in all NS2 maps. It is where all players initially spawn when they join a map and where all players return to at the end of a round.


Every Ready Room has four doors representing each team - the Aliens Door, The Marines Door, The Random Door, and The Spectator Door. Walking into one of these doors will place you onto the designated team (Kharaa, Frontiersmen, Random, or Spectator, respectively).


Players can bypass the need to run through a team door by typing commands in the development console (accessed by the tilde key by default).

These commands can also be bound to a key using the bind command to allow players to join or switch teams quickly and easily.

Easter Eggs

  • During Halloween and Christmas, the official ready rooms were temporarily updated with seasonal decorations (Pumpkins/Jack-o'-lantern and Snowmen) and pressing 'E' would throw either Candy/Sweets or Snowballs, respectively.
  • Some Ready Rooms have 'secret' rooms attached to them, usually found by walking through a false wall. These serve no useful purpose and are decorative only, usually holding the name of the map creator and testers/contributors.

Unusually, the offical map Kodiak has 2 secret rooms. Click 'show' on the spoiler below if you would like to reveal the entrance to and interior of these rooms.