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Power Node

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Power Node
Power node deploy.gif
"Power Node under attack!"
TSA.png Frontiersmen
Abilities and Upgrades
Socket Power Node, Power Grid, Warning Beacon
Tech Requirements:
Cannot rebuild during blackout
Build Time: 10 seconds
Builds From: Power Socket


The Power Node is a wireless relay that provides power for the Frontiersmen's structures within a specific location. Marines or MACs are required to assemble the unbuilt Power Node to activate a room's Power Grid.

Power Outage

If a Power Node is severely damaged, the electrical feedback from the Power Node's failure will short circuit the room's power grid. All lights will instantly turn off for a short time until auxiliary power activates. Red emergency lighting will encompass the room, fading to black periodically.

All Frontiersmen structures (except the Command Station and Sentry Battery) will become unpowered, effectively disabling them until the Power Node is repaired. Once repaired, light and power is restored to the room. The broken Power Node can be reassembled by the Marine's Build Tool, Welder, or by a MAC.


Passive Abilities

Power Grid

Power Node emitting energy pulse into the room

The Power Node will emit a spherical pulse of blue energy. The Commander can see a periodic power grid pulse in powered rooms.

Power Grid
The Power Node provides power to all Frontiersmen structures within a room.
Radius Varies per room
Max Amount 1 per room
Requires Active Power Node

Warning Beacon

Yellow warning lights flashing

Kharaa can severely damage a Power Node to cause power failure. When the Power Node is being damaged, the room's lights will flicker. A Warning Beacon on the Power Socket will light up and sound when the Power Node is at 40% Health or less.

Warning Beacon
Power Node will alert nearby Marines when below a Health threshold.
Damage 40% health or less
Requires Active Power Node

Triggered Abilities

Socket Power Node

Welding up a Power Node template on its socket

Most rooms and corridors on a map contain a Power Socket, a map entity that the Marine Commander can use to install an unbuilt Power Node. An unbuilt Power Node is also automatically installed when an unbuilt structure template is placed in a room with an empty socket. A Power Node cannot be removed from its Power Socket once placed.

Socket Power Node
Socket power node buildmenu.gif
Places a Power Node template on an empty Power Socket.
Hotkey A
Uses 1
Requires Power Socket

Tips and Strategies

  • The Power Node is key to a functional Frontiersmen base. Protect it at all costs!
  • For the new Commander, when you place a structure (eg. Resource Node the Power Node will be automatically "blue printed".
  • Marines can prepare a Power Node by building it until near completion, then finish building other structures the Marine Commander drops in the room first (eg. Extractor, Phase Gate, etc), then finish the Power Node very quickly.
    • If you are attacked and killed by the Kharaa, the power will almost be finished (unfinished Power Nodes do not take damage) and the Commander can recycle the structure you built to refund [[Team Resources.
    • If the Power Node is built, it can be destroyed to cause not only darkness (emergency lighting), but it takes longer to repair the power.
  • When building a Power Node, be sure to have teammates on the look out as building makes a lot of noise that attracts unwanted attention.
  • One of the favorite structures for Kharaa attacks in the Frontiersmen main base to end the game, as it will unpower all structures in the base.


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