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P37 9mm Combat Pistol
Hotkey 2
Damage 25/(27.5/30/33) per round
Type Light
Fire Rate 0.1 seconds
Reload Speed 2 seconds
Clip Size 10
Ammo 40


The P37 9mm Combat Pistol is the standard Frontiersmen rapid-firing, highly accurate sidearm, equipped as the secondary weapon in the standard Marine loadout. It has no recoil or noticeable firing delay. Once weapons level upgrades are researched from the Arms Lab by the Marine Commander, the pistol will increase in damage potency.

The Pistol can not be replaced with anything but you may drop it by pressing 'g'. You may also enter any Exosuit by pressing 'e'.

Click below to watch a video about the Pistol by It'sSuperEffective!

The Video


Pistol Diagram.png

A: your crosshair

B: ammo left in your clip

C: number of spare clips


Speed with the Pistol
Walking Sprinting
forward 5.86 7.23
strafing 5.86
backward 2.35

The Pistol does not weigh anything, just like the Welder and the Switch-Axe, so you can run full speed with it equiped.

Tips and Tactics

  • don't shoot just because you can; only fire when you know you can hit your target.
  • if safe, run to places with you pistol out; its faster than your primary and safer than running with the Switch-Axe.
  • you can use the pistol to take pot shots from far distances; it's more consistent than all primary weapons in dealing damage from far away.
  • use the pistol to finish off engagements; because it deals light damage, it deals less damage against armour.
  • if you are out of ammo, you have two choices: try to reload and dodge at the same time or switch to your Switch-Axe and go for the kill
  • try to stay in a group; its always easier to shoot a Skulk biting on a friend instead of you.
  • try to put some distance between you and your target with a strafe jump.
  • don't shoot just because you can; only fire when you know you can hit your target.
  • try to track your opponents; try to follow and predict the aliens movement.


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