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Alien Commander

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The Alien Commander is the Kharaa hive mind that governs over territory expansion and species evolution. Any Kharaa player as any lifeform can become a commander by pressing the Use key at a grown and unoccupied Hive, which will retract its tentacles from the Tech Point to indicate occupation. Only one commander may exist at any given time, and the Alien Commander may exit the Hive as his previous lifeform at any time; if an occupied Hive is destroyed, the Alien Commander will be ejected without harm as his previous lifeform.


The Alien Commander has an overview of the map, as well as a commander user interface to allow interaction with the world. The Commander menu consists of the Mini-map at the bottom left, Resource counter centered on top, Log Out button at the top right, the Unit status and Tabs menu at the bottom right.

Tech Tree

The Kharaa Tech Tree contains the technology progression paths available to the Alien Commander. It is a centralized progression system dependent on research and base expansion.

Kharaa Tech Tree
Tech Map Rows Content
Kharaa techmap.png 1 Whip | Shift | Shade | Crag
2 Harvester, Hive, Upgrade Gorge
3 Crag Hive | Shade Hive | Shift Hive
4 3 Shells | 3 Veils | 3 Spurs
5 Carapace, Regeneration | Phantom, Aura | Celerity, Adrenaline
6 Biomass levels 1 to 9
7 Babbler, Rupture, Bone Wall, Leap, Web, Spores, Stab, Stomp, Contamination
8 Charge, Bile Bomb, Umbra, Bone Shield, Xenocide
9 Metabolize, Advanced Metabolize


Commander Abilities are commander exclusive abilities accessible from the Build and Assist Tabs in the Tabs menu. Alien Commander abilities are unlocked through specific Hive types and Biomass levels.

Alien Commander Abilities
Assist Tab Drifter
Heal wave icon.gif Ink icon.gif Echo icon.gif Enzyme cloud icon.gif Hallucination cloud icon.gif Mucous membrane icon.gif
Heal Wave Ink Echo Enzyme Cloud Hallucination Cloud Mucous Membrane
Nutrient mist icon.gif Rupture icon.gif Bone wall icon.gif Contamination icon.gif
Nutrient Mist Rupture Bone Wall Contamination
  • Heal Wave, Ink, and Echo require a nearby Crag, Shade, or Shift to activate.
    • Requires Crag/Shade/Shift Hive types to unlock.
  • Nutrient Mist, Rupture, and Bone Wall can be used anywhere on Infestation.
    • Requires Biomass levels 1 to 3 to unlock.
  • Contamination can be placed anywhere on the map.
    • Requires Biomass level 9 (see below).
  • Enzyme Cloud, Hallucination Cloud, and Mucous Membrane require Shift/Shade/Crag Hive types to unlock.


Threat pheromone icon.gifHeal pheromone icon.gifExpand pheromone icon.gif
Creates one of three Pheromones to provide a global waypoint to direct Kharaa lifeforms.
  • Pheromones are free to create and have different durations.
  • Alien Commander will see the Pheromone's icon where it was created.
  • Lifeforms will see waypoint arrows on the ground leading to the nearest Pheromone.
  • Redeploy: replaces same type of Pheromone if placed inside minimum range of another.
Hotkey Z / X / C (Build Tab), Mouse1 (cast)
Range Global
Minimum Range 8
Duration 15 / 30 / 40 seconds
Max Amount 5 active Pheromones
Targets Ground

Nutrient Mist

Nutrient Mist rapidly maturing structures

Nutrient Mist
Nutrient mist icon.gif
Creates a gentle mist on Infestation, increasing the gestation rate of evolving lifeforms and Maturation rate of structures nearby.
  • Nutrient Mist increases maturity percentage of unbuilt structures, which normally must be built to start maturing.
Hotkey Z (Assist Tab), Mouse1 (cast)
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 2
Range Global
Radius 10
Speed +66% gestation & maturity rate
Duration 15 seconds
Cooldown 2 seconds
Targets Lifeform Eggs, Structures, Ground, Infestation
Requires Biomass level 1, place on Infestation


Rupture splattering goo onto a Marine's face

Rupture icon.gif
Creates a swelling bubble of Infestation that explodes and splatters goo onto Marines and Exosuits, obstructing their vision temporarily.
  • Has no effect if Marines and Exosuits are not facing the bubble when it bursts.
  • Screen obstruction effect is reduced depending on player view.
Hotkey X (Assist Tab), Mouse1 (cast)
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 2
Range Global
Radius 8.7
Duration 2 seconds
Delay 3 seconds
Cooldown 2 seconds
Targets Marines, Exosuits, Ground, Infestation
Requires Biomass level 2, place on Infestation

Bone Wall

Bone Wall blocking the hallway

Bone Wall
Bone wall icon.gif
Creates a wall of bones and spikes on Infestation to block attacks, as well as player and unit movement.
Hotkey C (Assist Tab), Mouse1 (cast)
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 3
Build Time 0 seconds
Range Global
Duration 6 seconds
Cooldown 10 seconds
Targets Ground, Infestation
Requires Biomass level 3, place on Infestation


Sentry shooting a Contamination in base

Contamination icon.gif
Creates a cluster of Cysts anywhere that spreads Infestation at an accelerated rate.
  • Contamination has Health, allowing Frontiersmen to destroy it before duration end.
  • Contamination is flammable.
Hotkey V (Assist Tab), Mouse1 (cast)
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 5
Build Time 0 seconds
Range Global
Radius 7.5
Speed Base infestation growth rate x 150%
Duration 20 seconds
Cooldown 5 seconds
Targets Ground
Requires Biomass level 9

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