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Parasite is a secondary ability available to all Skulks. The Skulk fires a tiny needle-like projectile that travels in a straight line to its target, dealing minor damage from an infinite range. Enemy Marines hit by Parasite are covered in hundreds of tiny, white insects, temporarily granting Hive Sight on the afflicted Marine. Parasite is removed by visiting an Armory or by using a dropped Medpack.


Parasite is best used as a scouting weapon when spotting a far-away Marine, observing Marines travelling in too large a group, or used against a Marine whilst escaping a losing battle. Enemies afflicted will be visible through walls and on the maps of all fellow Kharaa regardless of lifeform, which can be a death sentence to a wounded Marine.

When struck by Parasite, a Marine will see the direction in which he took damage briefly on his HUD; the Marine will know the direction in which he was hit. Due to this, it is dangerous to remain still after landing Parasite even if firing from a secluded location.

Marines affected by Parasite may choose to run back to an Armory, search for the Skulk who hit him or otherwise slow down or divert him. The bugs that infest a Marine during Parasite are visually noisy and attract attention from any accompanying Marines, such that the group may slow or stop, temporarily distracted. This, combined with the Hive Sight of the afflicted Marine, can help prepare a timely defense against an attack on a Crag nest or Hive.

While Parasite's 10 damage is insignificant compared to the 75 damage dealt by an accurate Bite, a Marine without armour upgrades takes 160 Normal damage to kill. This means that one Parasite hit whilst approaching and two accurate Bites will kill a Marine without upgrades to his armour.


By ejecting tiny darts from its nasal cavities, the Skulk can "tag" an enemy. The darts release a stain of bacteria, that connects to the bacterium. The target is now temporarily visible to Hive Sight – every alien always knows where it is. Not a pleasant sensation, and not good for survival odds. The darts do tiny damage when they strike – and a warning message will appear on the marine's HUD.

Parasite slot.gif
Infects an enemy target with small Parasites, allowing all Kharaa players to track the target's position through walls using Hive Sight.
  • Parasite projectile travels in a straight line.
  • Parasited targets will also appear on the Mini-Map as icons.
Hotkey 2 (slot), Mouse1 (attack)
Energy Icon resources energy neutral.gif 30
Damage 10
Type Normal
Range 1000
Fire Rate 0.5 seconds
Duration 44 seconds
Targets Marines, Robots, Structures