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Model viewer

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The model viewer is built to work on top of the game engine itself so you can view models as they would appear in-game. It features various types of rendering modes to allow debugging of artwork and code.


  • Real-time lighting
  • Various Rendering modes
    • Lit
    • Albedo
    • Specular
    • Gloss
    • Emissive
    • Depth
  • Automatic Hot-loading (automatically reloads changes to textures without any manual intervention from the user)

The viewer also supports VTF file format (Valve Texture Format), which means you will not need to recompile your files into the NS2 formats yourself.

The Viewer is capable of loading the original files from 3D modeling applications prior to conversion and implementation into the game. IE: 3DS Max

This is to allow artists to design and colour their models before they export and lock them down, as the viewer enables an almost real-time view of what you are working on at the time.