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The Mine
Hotkey 4
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 15 to drop
PRes Icon personal resource neutral.png 15 to buy
Research Time 20 seconds
Damage 125
Type Normal
Range 4 for explosion, 1.5 for trigger
Delay before armed: 0.17 seconds
Ammo 3 mines
Requires research mines(Armory)


The Mine is a purchasable, single-use equipment from the Armory, of which is the structure for Mine research by the Marine Commander. Once purchased, 3 Mines are accessible in the fourth weapon slot. Mines can be placed on any surface nearby: any wall, floor, ceiling or stationary prop. 0.17 seconds after putting down a Mine, it will be armed and can explode.

Mines are mainly used as area denial and trap devices against lower lifeforms. It is best used defensively as they can't be placed on infestation and can hurt the owner of the Mines. Several good spots for mines include vents, below Power Nodes, and near important structures. See the placement section below for more info.

Mines are the only weapons that take your fourth slot. You can enter any Exosuit by pressing 'e'. You may also drop the mines for others to use by pressing 'g'.

Conditions for exploding

  1. if a Kharaa lifeform or structure gets within its 1.5 trigger distance
  2. if it dies*
    1. if a Marine shoots it
    2. if a Alien hits it with a ranged attack (eg. Lerk spikes)
  3. if a mine explodes nearby
  4. if an Onos' stomp hits it
  5. if infestation touches it

*The Mine has 80 health and 10 armor.

*WARNING* The owner of a placed mine will take damage if it is detonated while he/she is in splsh damage radius. *WARNING*

Effects against lifeforms

  • Against skulks, mines will be lethal until very late-game. Place them well and it will force them to either take damage or be exposed.
  • Against Gorges, mines won't kill but will take a good chunk of health. If the Gorge spots your mine, it can easily take your mines down with spit or bile bomb.
  • Against Lerks, mines will be near lethal; if you place mines that catch the Lerk while it's escaping, it will most likely go down. Remember that Lerks have spikes and can take down your mines from a safe distance
  • Against Fades, mines will only provide moderate damage. It can easily blink over the mine to detonate the mine and avoid most of the damage.
  • Against Oni, mines will only chip off a small portion of health. Stomp will prematurely detonate mines, making them useless.


Mine Diagram.png

A:number of Mines you can place

B:the projection of where the Mine is going to be if you place it

C:if the Mine is tinted green, you can place it. if it is tinted red, you can't place it.


Speed with Mines
with the Mines out with the Switch-Axe
Movement Walking Sprinting Walking Sprinting
forward 4.91 5.89 5.21 6.25
strafing 4.91 5.21
backward 1.97 2.09

The Mines weigh a substantial ammount compared to other weapons.

  • 16% speed penalty walking with it out
  • 19% speed penalty running with it out


Mines are mainly used as area denial and trap devices against lower lifeforms. It is best used defensively as they can't be placed on infestation and can hurt the owner of the Mines. Ideal places for mines are around Phase Gate, Power Node, Observatory, Extractor or Infantry Portal. Other good places would be in narrow halways, behind corners, and behind doors. Don't place mines too close to each other or they will chain detonate.

good places for a mine around an extractor
good places for a mine around an infantry portal
good places for a mine around an observatory
good places for a mine around a phase gate
good places for a mine around a power node

Tips and Tactics

  • If researched early, they are a very powerful area denial device.
  • Chain detonation will waste pRes and mines. You want the mine threat to be constant, and not lose all your mines to a single skulk. Do not place mines like the pictures above, they are too close together. Generally place mines behind the structure where the unsuspecting alien is not likely to see.
  • Mine fields are a very powerful area denial tactic, a few mines scattered about a corridor means marines can safely stand in the middle and shoot skulk. An attacking skulk could die to a mine and will help discourage packs descending on you as the damage range could kill multiple skulks.
  • Mines are always a good investment early-game.
  • Try not to run around with mines in your in your inventory; they slow you down a bit and might go wasted if you die and nobody picks them up.