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Mobile Automated Constructor
Mac idle.gif
"Can I bring you a coffee?"
TSA.png Frontiersmen
Team Resources
Icon team resource neutral.gif 5
Icon marine supply.gif 5 / 200
Move Speed: 6
Abilities and Upgrades
Welding, Greetings
Build Time: 5 seconds
Builds From: Robotics Factory
Purchase By: Marine Commander
Hotkey: S


The Mobile Automated Constructor (MAC) is a Marine Commander-controlled NPC robot produced from a Robotics Factory. The MAC assists in building construction and repair; they will automatically construct or repair structures if within close proximity, as well as weld Marine, Exosuit, and ARC Armor. MACs are often deployed when Marines are needed on the front-lines.


Passive Abilities


MACs welding damaged structures

The MAC will automatically construct or repair friendly targets within range.
  • Repairs Marine and Exosuit Armor only.
  • Repairs ARC and structures completely.
  • MACs cannot weld each other.
  • MACs cannot weld when under attack.
  • Right click a target to issue Follow and Weld command.
Hotkey Mouse2
Repairing 50 Health and/or Armor
Range Melee
Radius 10 (auto-detect)
Delay 0.5 seconds
Targets Marine, Exosuit, ARC, Structure

Triggered Abilities


MAC talking to a Marine

Initiates the MAC's voice interaction protocol to simulate conversation with Frontiersmen players.
Hotkey E
Targets Marine, Marine Commander

Marines can press the Use key on the MAC to hear it speak different responses:

  • "Hello!"
  • "Hi there!"
  • "Hello there!"
  • "How are you?"
  • "Would you like some help?"
  • "Glad to have you on the team!"
  • "Can I bring you a coffee?"
  • "Firmware updates available."
  • "Please update my firmware."

When controlled by the Marine Commander, the MAC will have other responses:

  • "On my way!"
  • "I'll do it!"
  • "No problem-o!"
  • "Right away, sir!"
  • "Right away, commander!"
  • "Priority 1-Alpha!"
  • "Okey-dokey!"
  • "Command confirmed."
  • "Construction begun!"
  • "Welding completed!"

Additionally, the MAC also has damage responses:

  • "Ow!"
  • "Error!"
  • "I need help!"
  • "I require maintenance!"
  • "Bad commander, filing!"