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Kodiak (DLC)

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Kodiak is the first official Downloadable Content (DLC) pack released for Natural Selection 2. It was released along with Build 265 - known as the Kodiak update. The build release included a new map made by CDT member Loki whilst the optional, standalone DLC included several purely cosmetic items. 50% of the proceeds from sales of the Kodiak DLC go directly to Loki.

Cosmetic Items

Kodiak Marine Armour
Kodiak Shoulder Pad
  • Kodiak Marine Armor (Male & Female)
  • Kodiak Marine Rifle Skin
  • Kodiak Exosuit Skin
  • Kodiak Skulk Skin
  • Kodiak Marine Shoulder Pad

The cosmetic items available in the DLC (with the exception of the shoulder pad) add a jungle-type camouflage to the skin they affect. This offers no advantage to the Marine team as it does not affect Alien Vision however it may offer a small advantage to the Skulk class, when hiding in the plant-life of Kodiak.


Main article: ns2_kodiak.

The map released with the update is set on a TSF asteroid. There are 4 tech points and 10 resource nodes.

Kodiak overview

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