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Shade spawn small.gif
"Keep your eyes peeled, they can be anywhere."
Kharaa.png Kharaa
Team Resources
Icon team resource neutral.gif 13
Icon kharaa supply.gif 5 / 200
750 (1500)
Ground Speed: 1.5
Abilities and Upgrades
Ink, Move, Cloak
Upgrade Fade
Tech Requirements:
Build on Infestation
Build Time: 61.2 (auto-build), 18 (Grow) seconds
Builds From: Alien Commander
Buy From: Advanced Tab
Hotkey: S
Mature Time: 120 seconds


The Shade is a Kharaa semi-static defense structure built by the Alien Commander. It is a tall jellyfish-like alien organism, which possesses membranous flaps and lengthy tentacles that aid in movement.

The presence of a Shade triggers a camouflage response in the Bacterium cells of nearby Kharaa lifeforms, structures, and even the infestation, allowing the Kharaa to conceal themselves in plain sight. Cloak can be disrupted by touch, damage, ability usage, and quick movement, as well as revealed by an Observatory's detection and Scan. However, the Shade can excrete a thick cloud of ink to nullify all detection effects, while disorienting Marines within the ink cloud's influence.

NS1 Comparison

The Shade is roughly analogous to NS1's Sensory Chamber, which enables cloaking and intelligence gathering abilities. Unlike the Sensory Chamber, the Shade is built by the Alien Commander instead of the Gorge, and requires infestation to place and remain healthy. Additionally, it no longer highlights Marines with Hive Sight when within range.



Ink cloud shrouding the surroundings

Ink icon.gif
Excretes a thick dark cloud that obstructs sight and conceals Kharaa from detection.
  • Ability cooldown is shared between all Shades.
  • Alien Commander can activate Ink from a nearby Shade through the Assist Tab.
  • Nullifies Observatory and Scan detection.
    • Prevents ARC cannon targeting without line-of-sight.
  • Disables when Shade is burned by Flamethrower or on fire.
Hotkey A (on Shade), S (Assist Tab)
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 3
Radius 16
Duration 6.3 seconds
Cooldown 16 seconds
Targets Lifeforms, Self, Structures
Requires Shade Hive


An uprooted Whip waddling about

Move / Stop
Move icon.gif
Issues a move or stop order to a Kharaa unit or structure.
  • A waypoint will display at the selected destination.
Hotkey S (icon), Mouse2 (cursor)
Targets Ground, Units, Structures


Shade cloaking the Hive room

Cloak icon.gif
Camouflages nearby Kharaa lifeforms and structures to blend them into the surroundings.
  • Lifeforms and structures become 88% transparent and cause visible distortion when moving.
    • Uncloaks instantly after colliding with enemies, being attacked, using an ability, or moving quickly.
    • Cloak delay applies after being attacked or using an ability.
    • Can use crouch (default key: Ctrl) to move slowly and stay cloaked.
  • Cloak is nullified by Observatory and Scan detection.
  • Disables when Shade is burned by Flamethrower or on fire.
Radius 17
Duration ∞ seconds
Delay 3 seconds
Targets Lifeforms, Self, Structures


Infestation Dependent

Harvester dying on an uninfested Resource Nozzle

Infestation Dependent
Infestation dependent icon.gif
Most Kharaa structures absorb nutrients by rooting into the Infestation. If the Infestation recedes from underneath a Kharaa structure, it will take damage over time until death or the ground is infested again.
Damage 12 per second
Targets Structures
Requires Off Infestation


A newborn Crag slowly maturing

Nutrient mist icon.gif
Most Kharaa structures will mature over time, gaining extra maximum Health and Armor every second until fully matured.
  • Max health/armor and mature time vary between different structures.
  • At 50% maturity, the structure is prefixed as "Grown".
Targets Structure


Tips and Strategies

  • Shades make ambushing a marine squad easy as it will cloak everything near by. Remember movement and also attacking will reveal you.
  • Place a shade in a spot that is not likely to be run into by a marine or it will be revealed when they touch it. Eg. don't put it in a door way.
  • Try to place it out of the way of stray bullets, as a stray bullet also reveals the shade. Eg. put it against a wall a little back from the doorway. Engagements tend to happen at the doorway or just inside the room when marines start to walk in.
  • Placing a shade at a hive location will cloak the hive as it is growing, and also provide cover for eggs and spawning Skulks as they will be invisible.