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Infantry Portal

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Infantry Portal
Infantry portal deploy.gif
"You are now respawning..."
TSA.png Frontiersmen
Team Resources
Icon team resource neutral.gif 20
Abilities and Upgrades
Marine Spawn, Set Rally Point, Recycle
Tech Requirements:
Build Near Command Station
Build Time: 7 seconds
Builds From: Marine Commander
Buy From: Build Tab
Hotkey: D


The Infantry Portal is the Frontiersmen respawn structure created by the Marine Commander. At each round start, a completed Infantry Portal will be placed near the Command Station and additional Infantry Portals must be built in range of a Command Station.

When powered, the Infantry Portal will allow a Marine to respawn after a short materialization process. If the number of dead players exceed the number of Infantry Portals, Marines will queue for respawn. The Commander can set the rally point of an Infantry Portal to automatically issue a move order waypoint to newly respawned Marines.

Each additional Infantry Portal allows an additional Marine to bypass materialization time and instantly respawn when Distress Beacon from an Observatory is triggered.


The technology behind the Infantry Portal concept is based on current scientific experiments with teleportation, or, more accurately, the successful transfer and encoding of information from one atom to another. Essentially, when the photons have been triggered in just the right way their parent atoms enter a quantum state in which atom B takes on the properties of atom A, after which process atom A disappears.

So, in the case of the infantry portal, all of the physical information of marine A is imprinted onto empty-marine-blob-of-atoms B, which has been created from the similar 3d printing technology used in the armory. Then the consciousness of marine A is downloaded into marine B, all in the space of several seconds.


Passive Abilities

Marine Spawn

Marine respawning after death

The Infantry Portal materializes Marines from their outposts to the designated location.

Marine Spawn
Marine spawn buildmenu.png
The Infantry Portal is able to materialize a combat-ready Marine to replace fallen comrades on the battlefield.
Interval 9 seconds
Requires Nearby Active Power Node

Targeted Abilities

Set Rally Point

Move to your waypoint, soldier!

Marines will automatically receive waypoints issued by the Commander from each individual Infantry Portal.

Set Rally Point
Waypoint buildmenu.png
The Marine Commander can issue a Move Waypoint to all units produced from the selected structure.
Hotkey Mouse2
Targets Player, Structure, Ground

Triggered Abilities


Recycling a structure

Recycle enables the Marine Commander to return a portion of Team Resources by recycling a structure. The recycling process lasts a short duration, after which a maximum of 75% Team Resources used to create the structure is refunded. However, the amount of Team Resources refunded depends on the remaining health of the structure on recycle completion. The higher the structure's health, the more resources are refunded.

Recycle buildmenu.png
Recycles the structure over time and refunds resources based on initial cost and current Health. Recycle can be canceled by Marine Commander or by destroying the structure.
Hotkey V
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 75% x initial cost
Duration 6 seconds