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Importing Custom Models

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This article will teach you how to import a custom model into NS2.

Alternatively, view this video tutorial.

Building Models

After setting up the Builder you will have your "modelsrc" folder all ready to go.

Remember: If setup correctly the Builder will copy your folder structure and .material files over to the ns2/models folder and will also convert and export your PSD's and Colloda (.dae) files.
(For the Models textures follow the Importing Custom Textures Tutorial with the excpetion that the files for the model remain along side the model in the modelsrc folder.)

You should have the following files for a successful compile:

 modelsrc\my_folder\my_model_name.dae (See Trouble Shooting below)
modelsrc\my_folder\ (Model Texture)
modelsrc\my_folder\my_model_name.material (Model Textures Material file)
modelsrc\my_folder\my_model_name.model_compile (One for each model, The .model file that is exported will inherit the name of this file.)

.model_compile should contain these lines:

 geometry "my_model_name.dae"

Thats all you have to do, Now you can go to the Builder and Click: Build > Build

Trouble Shooting Models

My Model is untextured?

You may need to edit the .DAE file in Notepad. Goto Edit > Find and enter: <library_images>, This should help you find the following section:

           <image id="generic_litter_docume-img" name="generic_litter_docume-img">

You should ideally alter the path to match the path being copied to your NS2 Model Directory like this:

           <image id="generic_litter_docume-img" name="generic_litter_docume-img">

This would mean your model and texture are both in "YourMod\modelsrc\my_folder".