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Hydra grow.gif


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"What's this stuff growing on the walls?"
Kharaa.png Kharaa
Personal Resources
Icon personal resource neutral.png 3
350 (450)
10 (50)
Abilities and Upgrades
Sense Threat, Hydra Spikes
Tech Requirements:
Place on any surface, requires Infestation to auto-build
Build Time: 44.2 (auto-build), 13 (Grow) seconds
Buy From: Build Menu
Purchase By: Gorge
Hotkey: 1
Limit: 3 per player
Mature Time: 140 seconds


The Hydra is a small Kharaa static defense structure created by the Gorge. It is a plant-like alien organism which when fully grown, blossoms into three spikes-ridden flowers.

Due to its small mass, the Hydra can attach to any surfaces. Unlike the Cyst, which draws nutrition from a Hive, the Hydra requires nourishment from Infestation to grow; when away from infestation, the Gorge can use its Heal Spray to trigger growth spurts in Hydras. Once the Hydra has blossomed, it will gain sentience and shoot its spikes at any non-Kharaa organisms or machinations that wander into range.

Each Hydra is symbiotically bound to the Gorge, which leaves a genetic imprint that dictates the Hydra's life expectancy; the Gorge itself can only produce three Hydras at most, and should it attempt to surpass this limit, the oldest existing Hydra will wither and die.


Sense Threat

The Hydra senses threat nearby

The Hydra can passively sense enemy presence; using its tentacles to search around, this behavior can alert Kharaa lifeforms of imminent encounter.

Sense Threat
The Hydra's three heads will cautiously look around when Frontiersmen players are nearby.
Range 17.78
Interval 2 seconds
Targets Marine, Exosuit

Hydra Spikes

Hydras attacking Biodome's Platform Power Node

The Hydra's three heads will constantly regrow sharp, thorny spikes to shoot at potential threats.

Hydra Spikes
The Hydra shoots a sharp spike from one of its three heads.
  • Spike projectile has a trail effect.
  • Spikes are not 100% accurate.
  • Fire rate is variable.
  • Disables when Hydra is burned by Flamethrower or on fire.
Damage 15
Type Normal
Range 17.78
Speed 50 (projectile)
Targets Marine, Robot, Structure



Digesting Clogs to let Onos through

Digest allows the Gorge to remove unnecessary structures built by itself. Since Gorge structures are limited per player, new structures will destroy the oldest ones when the limit is reached. To avoid unwanted destruction, digesting Gorge structures helps to keep older structures in place.

Destroys a target Gorge structure, removing it from play and freeing up the structure per player limit.
  • Hydra and Gorge Tunnel are only digestible by owner.
  • Clog is digestible by both owner and friendly players.
Hotkey E
Range Melee
Duration 2 seconds
Targets Hydra, Clog, Gorge Tunnel


Burning Hydras on the walls

Egg spawn buildmenu.gif
Flammable Kharaa structures will take extra damage from fire-based weapons.
Damage Damage x 250%
Type Flame
Targets Bone Wall, Clog, Contamination, Cyst, Egg, Hydra, Web
Requires Cluster Grenade, Flamethrower, Welder


A newborn Crag slowly maturing

Nutrient mist icon.gif
Most Kharaa structures will mature over time, gaining extra maximum Health and Armor every second until fully matured.
  • Max health/armor and mature time vary between different structures.
  • At 50% maturity, the structure is prefixed as "Grown".
Targets Structure

Tips and Strategies

  • Hydras are marginally effective deterrent to Marines at best, as Hydra's spikes' low damage and slow rate of fire allow a pair of Marines can kill them very quickly.
  • Put Hydras above doorways or in difficult-to-spot places. If a Hydra can shoot a Marine, the Marine can shoot back and kill it.
    • Some examples of good Hydra placement are above a doorway (but behind where the Marines are coming from), so a Marine must enter the room and be attacked by all Hydras, whilst only being able to target one.
    • Exception to the above tactic is if you are placing Clogs at the same time and supporting your wall as a Gorge. Placing Hydras with their heads clear of the Clogs allows them to attack enemy targets, since spikes originate from the Hydra's flowers.
  • A Gorge supporting a Clog wall with Hydras shooting can fend off a small Marine squad until help arrives.
  • Remember, Hydras can only slightly prolong a Marine offensive with good support as Grenade Launchers and Flamethrowers will very quickly destroy a Clog and Hydra defense.


  • The Hydra is the descendant of the Offensive Chamber from NS1. It was a large organic structure with a main spikes-ridden globe.
    • The size of the structure has been significantly reduced, but the Offensive Chamber's attack and range remains.