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Grenade Launcher

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Alterra Ender G-70 MSGL
Grenadelauncher side 350.png
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 20
PRes Icon personal resource neutral.png 20
Damage 132 per round (220dps)
Type Structural
Fire Rate 0.6s seconds
Reload Speed 0.8s per grenade + 2 seconds
Clip Size 4
Ammo 28
Requires Advanced Armory


The Grenade Launcher is a Marine anti-structure siege weapon. Marines can purchase it at the Advanced Armory. In Build 250 the Grenade Launcher is available for purchase once an Armory has been upgraded to an Advanced Armory by the Marine Commander. As a support weapon the Grenade Launcher excels at vaporizing weaker alien life forms and structures, yet leaves the operator vulnerable in close quarters combat. Operation in confined spaces may result in severe injury and/or death. Other marines and marine structure are immune to your grenades, so "carpet bombing" an area is a good strategy to deny alien attacks. Grenades can also bounce around corners.


  • Primary Fire: Grenade Launcher
    • Function: Inflicts powerful splash damage against targeted player or structure in area of effect at moderate range; detonation occurs on impact and after a short duration when launched.
    • Damage: 130
    • Damage Type: Structural
    • Fire Delay: 0.4
    • Clip Size: 4
    • Reserve Ammo: 28
    • Damage Radius: 8
    • Grenade Lifetime: 2
    • Description: The Grenade Launcher can project a powerful explosive projectile over a moderate distance, effectively giving the wielding Marine siege capabilities.

Tips and Strategies

  • The GL as it is known, is often considered to be a weapon welded by less skilled players due to its "spam" use. However it is a very tactical weapon able to break Alien fortification.
  • It will leave the marine carrying this weapon with only a sidearm to protect themselves when Kharaa lifeforms get close.
  • Some marines are known to shoot grenades at their own feet to blow themselves up instead of letting the Kharaa tear them apart
  • Marine armor and Marine structure are immune to grenade explosions, so you can effectively carpet your own base with grenades to ward off or kill Kharaa lifeforms attacking your base.
  • Grenades bounce off surfaces, so you can bounce grenades around corners to avoid exposing yourself to enemies.
  • Watch out for team mates, grenades will also bounced off the bodies of your own team. Eating your own grenade has a whole new meaning.