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Gorge Tunnel

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Gorge Tunnel (Mouth)
Gorge tunnel.gif


Shadow gorge tunnel.gif



"Destroy the tunnel before they swarm in!"
Kharaa.png Kharaa
Personal Resources
Icon personal resource neutral.png 4
1400 (1600)
100 (200)
Abilities and Upgrades
Spread Infestation, Enter Tunnel, Corrosive Bile, Exit Tunnel
Tech Requirements:
Place on flat ground, valid exit space above, requires Infestation to auto-build
Build Time: 34 (auto-build), 10 (Grow) seconds
Buy From: Build Menu
Purchase By: Gorge
Hotkey: 4
Limit: 2 per player
Mature Time: 120 seconds


The Gorge Tunnel is the Kharaa tunneling system created by the Gorge. It is a large tubular organ connected by two orifices which act as entrances and exits to two different locations.


The Gorge Tunnel mouth appears as a large alien orifice imbedded onto open ground, where Infestation spreads from within the tunnel and into the immediate surroundings. To enter the tunnel, a player must stand on top of the orifice and be swallowed by it. Gorge Tunnels cannot distinguish between Kharaa lifeforms, Marines, and Exosuits, therefore both Frontiersmen and Kharaa players can travel through tunnels.


When swallowed by the orifice, the player will teleport to an underground tunnel that connects both mouths created by the same Gorge player. The tunnel contains bioluminescent sacs lining the walls near each exit, as well as alien flora like polyps and tentacles on the floor and ceiling. If one of the two mouths does not yet exist, the opposite side of the tunnel will stay dark.

When a tunnel has both mouths established, players must move toward and touch the other exit to teleport to the second orifice; players can return to the orifice they entered by turning around and touching the first exit.

The tunnel is essentially a large digestive tract, which produces acidic bile that corrodes Armor. Although Gorge Tunnel allows Marines to travel quickly between Kharaa territories, it will heavily decrease survivability should Marines encounter lifeforms on the other side.



Digesting Clogs to let Onos through

Digest allows the Gorge to remove unnecessary structures built by itself. Since Gorge structures are limited per player, new structures will destroy the oldest ones when the limit is reached. To avoid unwanted destruction, digesting Gorge structures helps to keep older structures in place.

Destroys a target Gorge structure, removing it from play and freeing up the structure per player limit.
  • Hydra and Gorge Tunnel are only digestible by owner.
  • Clog is digestible by both owner and friendly players.
Hotkey E
Range Melee
Duration 2 seconds
Targets Hydra, Clog, Gorge Tunnel


A newborn Crag slowly maturing

Nutrient mist icon.gif
Most Kharaa structures will mature over time, gaining extra maximum Health and Armor every second until fully matured.
  • Max health/armor and mature time vary between different structures.
  • At 50% maturity, the structure is prefixed as "Grown".
Targets Structure

Mouth Abilities

Spread Infestation

Infestation growing everywhere

Spread Infestation
Contamination icon.gif
Grows Infestation onto nearby terrain to allow Kharaa structures to sprout from and stay nourished.
  • Infestation recedes quickly if the source is destroyed.
Radius 7 (Tunnel), 7.5 (Cyst), 20 (Hive)
Duration ∞ seconds
Targets Ground, Walls, Props
Requires Cyst, Hive, Gorge Tunnel

Enter Tunnel

I have to be swallowed by.. that?

Enter Tunnel
Tunnel in icon.gif
The Gorge Tunnel mouth swallows a player that stands on top of it to allow entrance into the tunnel.
  • Gorge Tunnel mouth's flaps will remain closed until two mouths are built.
  • The player will sink into the mouth before teleporting into the tunnel.
Range On top of Gorge Tunnel
Delay 1.5 seconds
Max Amount 1 player entering 1 mouth at a time
Targets Marines, Exosuits, Lifeforms
Requires 2 active Gorge Tunnels

Tunnel Abilities

Corrosive Bile

Marine welding his Exosuit inside a tunnel

Corrosive Bile
Bile bomb icon.gif
Dissolves Frontiersmen players' Armor while they are inside the Gorge Tunnel.
Damage 5 per second
Range Anywhere inside tunnel
Duration ∞ seconds
Targets Marines, Exosuits

Exit Tunnel

I wonder where this leads?

Exit Tunnel
Tunnel out icon.gif
Expels a player from the tunnel after touching one of the tunnel's large orifices.
  • The Mini-map displays the player's current position and direction inside a tunnel, allowing the player to determine which exit leads to which location.
  • If a Gorge Tunnel mouth is destroyed, the glowing sacs surrounding the respective exit inside the tunnel will be unlit.
    • Players cannot enter or exit from the dark side of the tunnel.
    • The tunnel will collapse if both Gorge Tunnel mouths are destroyed, killing all players inside instantly.
Range Touch one of the ends of the tunnel
Delay 1 seconds
Targets Marines, Exosuits, Lifeforms
Requires At least 1 active Gorge Tunnel