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GX Tactical Flamethrower
Flamethrower side 400.png
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 15
PRes Icon personal resource neutral.png 15
Damage 2325 over 12.5 seconds (186dps)
Type Flame
Fire Rate 0.9 seconds seconds
Reload Speed 5.2 seconds
Clip Size 12.5 seconds
Ammo 4 tanks
Requires Advanced Armory


The Flamethrower is a Marine anti-Infestation and support weapon. Marines can purchase it from the Advanced Armory once the Marine Commander upgrades it from the Armory.

The Flamethrower can set any Kharaa lifeforms and structures ablaze, causing them to take damage until the flames extinguish. When on fire, Kharaa lifeforms regain energy at a reduced rate and their view is partially obscured by flames; the Gorge's Heal Spray is capable of snuffing out fires on lifeforms and structures alike. However, Lerk Spores, Umbra and Drifter clouds will dissipate instantly when touched by even a small puff of flame. Gorge Bile Bomb, and Whip bombardment are also burnt away by flames. Any structures on fire will render its ability non-functional (eg. a Shade no longer cloak)

Additionally, the Flamethrower can quickly incinerate infestation-based structures such as Cysts, Clogs and Hydras. Burning infestation produced by a Cyst will ignite the Cyst and deal full damage.


  • Flamethrower
    • Buy Cost: 15 Icon personal resource neutral.png Personal Resources
    • Purchase From: Advanced Armory
    • Prerequisites: Research Flamethrower (Advanced Armory)
  • Primary Fire: Flamethrower
    • Function: Inflicts flame damage on targeted player or structure within area of effect at close range.
    • Base Damage: 16 for Players; 18 for Structures
    • Damage Type: Flame
    • Radius: 1.8
    • Clip Size: 50
    • Range: 8
    • Warmup Time: 0.7


  • Ignite
    • Burn Damage per Stack per Second: 3
    • Maximum Stacks: 20
    • Stack Rate: 0.4
    • Burn duration: 6
    • Description: A passive ability of the Flamethrower, it can ignite any Kharaa lifeforms or structures. Cysts and Clogs receive 5x burn damage.
  • Sap Energy
    • Energy Regen Rate: 60% of normal rate
    • Description: When Kharaa lifeforms are on fire, they regain energy at a reduced rate, thus crippling their ability usage.
  • Disperse Gas
    • Description: The Flamethrower can burn away Spores and Umbra clouds instantly.
  • Burn Bile
    • Description: The Flamethrower can burn away Bile Bomb and Whip Bombardment instantly.


Video: Flamethrower on harvester and hive