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Exo spawn.gif
TSA.png Frontiersmen
Personal Resources
Icon personal resource neutral.png 40 (Mini/Rail), 60 (Dual Mini)
280 (325/370/415)
Spawns From: Near Prototype Lab
Move Speed: 6 (Mini/Rail), 4 (Dual Mini)
Abilities and Upgrades
Power Claw, Minigun/Railgun, Smash Eggs, Target Acquisition, Floodlight, Thrusters
Weapons 1/2/3, Armor 1/2/3
Tech Requirements:
Research Exoskeleton, Research Dual Miniguns (2 Command Stations)
Buy From: Prototype Lab
Purchase By: Marine


The Exosuit is a purchasable Frontiersmen mechanoid from the Prototype Lab. Marines can purchase Exosuits retrofitted with a minigun or railgun, or two of the same type, when researched by the Marine Commander.

The standard Exosuit possesses a power claw and minigun or railgun, with an on-board holographic user interface for monitoring structural integrity and minigun overheat or railgun charge meter. The Exosuit's view screen displays the Mini-map and a built-in targeting system to track Kharaa lifeforms in range. It is also equipped with leg thrusters to allow the Exosuit to move over different elevations in terrain.


  • The Exosuit is a mechanical unit made of Armor which requires the Welder or MAC to repair.
  • Immunity to biological abilities such as Gorge Heal Spray, Lerk Poison Bite venom, and Spore toxins.
  • The player can eject from the Exosuit to resume the role of a Marine, allowing previously purchased weapons to be used.



Minigun Exosuit

Power Claw

Exosuit Power Claw in action

The Power Claw is a default Exosuit augmentation on the left arm. It is an armored mechanical hand capable of destroying structures with efficiency, as well as provide the Exosuit with self-defense when its Minigun or Railgun is on cooldown.

Power Claw
The Exosuit is equipped with a mechanical claw used for anti-structure melee attack.
Hotkey Mouse1
Damage 50
Type Structural


Minigun firing

The Minigun is a default Exosuit augmentation on the right arm. It is a triple-barreled weapon capable of providing sustained firepower by rapidly firing bullets, which are constantly manufactured in the munition packs on the back of the Exosuit. However, continuous usage of the Minigun can overheat the weapon, then the Minigun must cool down before further usage.

The Exosuit is equipped with an anti-armor Minigun. It can overheat when fired constantly, requiring the minigun to cool down before reuse. Ammunition is automatically manufactured by the munition packs on the back of the Exosuit.
Hotkey Mouse2
Damage 25 (27.5/30/32.5)
Type Heavy
Range 400

Railgun Exosuit


Railgun charged and ready to gib!

The Railgun is an alternative Exosuit augmentation on the right arm. It shoots a single projectile over a long range and can be charged to increase damage potency. The projectile will penetrate through Kharaa lifeforms and structures, dealing its full damage to all targets hit.

The Railgun Exosuit is equipped with a precision Railgun. Railgun projectile can penetrate through units and structures, and can be charged over 2 seconds to increase its damage. Lifeforms acquired by Target Acquisition are outlined in blue instead of auto-targeted.
Hotkey Mouse2
Damage 50 (150 charged)
Type Structural
Range 400


Passive Abilities

Smash Eggs

Soon-to-be scrambled Eggs

The Exosuit is able to smash Kharaa Eggs by moving over them. An Egg will be smashed regardless of whether a lifeform resides within or not.

Smash Eggs
The Exosuit can use its heavy weight to instantly destroy any eggs beneath it.
Range 1.5
Targets Egg

Target Acquisition

Targets acquired

The Exosuit has an integrated targeting function that detects Kharaa lifeform presence on screen. Lifeforms in range will be automatically targeted by the system, allowing the Exosuit pilot to quickly pinpoint enemy positions. The Railgun Exosuit targeting system is slightly different. Kharaa lifeforms appearing within the player crosshair will be highlighted in blue, allowing the Railgun Exosuit pilot to aim with precision and time his shot.

Target Acquisition
The Exosuit's in-built targeting system quickly detects Kharaa presence, targeting lifeforms on screen.
Targets Lifeforms

Toggled Abilities


Floodlights during power outage

The Floodlight is located on the front side panels of the Exosuit. When toggled on, it emits an extremely bright light with wider coverage than the standard Marine Flashlight.

Toggles on/off a floodlight, which provides a wide area of illumination in front of the Exosuit.
Hotkey F (tap)


And we have lift off!

The Exosuit is equipped with Thrusters on both legs. The Thrusters enable the Exosuit to traverse from lower to higher elevations without a ramp or staircase. Additionally, the Exosuit can charge forward quickly using Thrusters.

The Exosuit's leg thrusters allow it to gain height and hover for short periods of time, as well as charge forward quickly.
Hotkey Space or Shift (hold)
Speed Default Speed + 2.5
Duration 1.5 seconds
Cooldown 2.5 seconds

Tips and Strategies

  • The ultimate technology in Kharaa extermination - if properly supported.
  • All Exosuits venturing out of base alone are just canned tuna to the Kharaa, although DPS output for the mini-gun Exos are very high, they are also very easy to kill by a pack of Kharaa lifeforms.
  • Due to their large bulk, once lifeforms get within melee range of an Exosuit, it is much more difficult to track and kill them at close range.
  • Exosuits perform best guarding narrow corridors, where the Kharaa are funneled to a choke point. Mini-guns will make short work of anything coming down the corridor.
  • Rail-gun exosuits cannot output enough sustained damage to hold off a horde of Kharaa, but the rail shot can kill skulks in one shot if fully charged, and significantly damage all other lifeforms for marines to finish off.
  • Exosuits should travel with marines in a group, and be welded as required, having MACs following the "Exo train" is a good idea.
  • If a group of marines and Exosuits get into a hive, the first priority for the Exosuit is to crush all eggs in a hive to stop the Kharaa spawning in that hive location. Marines can also shoot the eggs, but the ammo can be better spent on the hive
  • recent game builds has allowed a marine to exit the exosuit (press and hold "G"). This will allow the marine to weld their own exosuits (provided they have purchased a welder). To go back in the exosuit, press and hold "E" next to the suit. Note other players can not go inside your exosuit.

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