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Entity Descriptions

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Ambient Sound


Base Structure



You can set multiple commander cameras in locations of different heights in order to tell the engine what distance to view a particular location from.

Command Station


Doors presumably have open/close/break code attached to them.


infantry portal


A location entity is used to give an area a name. When placed in the editor, it is a small gray square, you can scale this up to the size of the room you want to name. You can also use multiple location entities with the same name if your area for when your entity has an unusual shape.

It is also mandatory for the Power Grid. When a power_point is placed inside a location entity, it will use that area, all lights located inside them will be affected by the power_point's status. Unless the lights are set to Ignore power grid


Used for scale purposes during the design phase of mapping. Does not control spawning or ready room start.


minimap extents

Places a cube which should be resized around the playable area of your map (not the ready room).

Minimap extents is used by the Overview.exe process to both generate a final minimap and also to determine the view positioning of the commander. However the commander camera will override this.


Required by the engine to use NS2 game rules on the map. There should only be one of these on the entire map.


places a purple ball and stick object. Select it with the Select in order to get its Edit window where settings can be changed


Adds a marine shaped entity to your map. ?? Is this where you spawn in the ready room or during play??

power point

ready room start

When designing a ready room or just testing out your map. This entity controls where the player will appear when they first launch the map.

Production ready maps should have at least 32 of these inside the ready room.

resource point

places a resource point. These are where teams can collect resources to buy abilities, equipment or buildings.


bright green cube. It's edit window has a "Type" setting for different environments for sound to reverberate in.



A small cube entity to be placed somewhere on your map. It tells the engine to display a skybox cinematic for viewing by the player when looking out a window or outside.

team location

tech point

NS2 maps require at least 2 of these. Their location determines what room or location a player will spawn in once they join a team from the ready room spawn location. You can set in the entity which type of spawn this will be. By default it's set to random.

tech point hole