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Egg flinch small.gif
"Shoot the eggs before they hatch!"
Kharaa.png Kharaa
350 (400)
Spawns From: Hive
Abilities and Upgrades
Alien Spawn
Evolve Gorge Egg, Evolve Lerk Egg, Evolve Fade Egg, Evolve Onos Egg
Tech Requirements:
Place on Infestation
Build Time: Instantly created every 13 seconds
Mature Time: 100 seconds


The Egg is the Kharaa respawn structure created by the Hive. It is a fleshy pupa that rests atop Infestation until a respawning Kharaa player is ready to hatch.

Eggs are created automatically every 13 seconds on infestation near a Hive (or 6.5 seconds for 12 players), up to a maximum of 3 eggs per Hive (or 6 for 12 players). Hives under attack are prioritized over other existing Hives, otherwise players will spawn at a randomly selected Hive location. Eggs can also be created near a Hive using Team Resources; these eggs are prioritized above all eggs created by Hives. Additionally, the Alien Commander can evolve eggs into different lifeforms, allowing Kharaa players to quickly evolve without spending Personal Resources. This is done by clicking on an unclaimed egg and selecting the lifeform you would like to pre-evolve (see below).

When evolving into another lifeform, the player will temporarily become an egg until gestation is complete; selecting Evolutions will also transform the player into an egg briefly.

Spawn Timer

Each lifeform have their own spawn timer (10 seconds). This means you will spawn after your lifeform dies after 10 seconds provided eggs are available.Once the countdown has ended, dead players will be assigned to an egg and will hatch after 3 seconds. If no eggs are available, dead players will queue for the next available eggs.


Alien Spawn

Hatching from an Egg

Alien Spawn
Egg spawn buildmenu.gif
Fallen Kharaa players will respawn from Eggs as Skulks after a short delay.
  • An Egg is destroyed once a player respawns from it.
  • Kharaa players will spawn from Eggs at a random Hive location.
    • Choose Spawn: open the Mini-map to choose Hive locations (an Egg is randomly chosen).
    • Spawn priority: players will respawn from Eggs near a Hive under attack.
Delay 10 seconds
Uses 1
Targets Lifeforms
Requires Spawning player



Burning Hydras on the walls

Egg spawn buildmenu.gif
Flammable Kharaa structures will take extra damage from fire-based weapons.
Damage Damage x 250%
Type Flame
Targets Bone Wall, Clog, Contamination, Cyst, Egg, Hydra, Web
Requires Cluster Grenade, Flamethrower, Welder

Infestation Dependent

Harvester dying on an uninfested Resource Nozzle

Infestation Dependent
Infestation dependent icon.gif
Most Kharaa structures absorb nutrients by rooting into the Infestation. If the Infestation recedes from underneath a Kharaa structure, it will take damage over time until death or the ground is infested again.
Damage 12 per second
Targets Structures
Requires Off Infestation


A newborn Crag slowly maturing

Nutrient mist icon.gif
Most Kharaa structures will mature over time, gaining extra maximum Health and Armor every second until fully matured.
  • Max health/armor and mature time vary between different structures.
  • At 50% maturity, the structure is prefixed as "Grown".
Targets Structure


Evolve Egg

Evolved Eggs of Gorge, Lerk, Fade, and Onos

Evolve Egg
Gorge egg icon.gifLerk egg icon.gifShadow step icon.gifOnos egg icon.gif
Evolves the Egg into a Gorge, Lerk, Fade, or Onos Egg, allowing a Kharaa player to Use it to become an advanced lifeform without spending Personal Resources.
  • A lifeform icon will hover above an evolved Egg.
Hotkey Z (Gorge), X (Lerk), C (Fade), V (Onos)
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 15 / 30 / 70 / 100
Upgrade Time 45 seconds
Max Amount 1 lifeform per Egg
Targets Lifeforms
Requires Biomass level 2 (Gorge & Lerk), level 9 (Fade & Onos)

Tips and Strategies

  • It is possible to Echo eggs to another locations on infestation, this can allow faster reinforcement to the front line or surprise attacks as Kharaa lifeforms can spawn behind the enemy.
  • In a large team (8 or more players), make sure you have stocked up on eggs (cost is 5 Icon team resource neutral.gif for 2 eggs). When there are a many players waiting to spawn due to a lack of eggs it is refer to as being 'egg locked'
  • Be aware one strategy Marines use prior to attacking a hive is to 'egg lock' a hive so reinforcement take longer to arrive to defend the hive. Marine 'exos' can walk and crush eggs.