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"Anybody bring some bug spray?"
Kharaa.png Kharaa
Team Resources
Icon team resource neutral.gif 8
Icon kharaa supply.gif 10 / 200
Move Speed: 11
Abilities and Upgrades
Enzyme Cloud, Hallucination Cloud, Mucous Membrane, Select Hallucinations, Grow, Move, Patrol, Follow Nearest Player
Tech Requirements:
Place on Infestation
Build Time: 7 seconds
Builds From: Cocoon
Buy From: Build Tab
Purchase By: Alien Commander
Hotkey: D


The Drifter is the Kharaa worker and support unit controlled by the Alien Commander. It is a floating, insect-like alien creature that hatches from a cocoon upon Infestation and helps establish the Kharaa habitat.

Drifter's body contains numerous enzymes that trigger various beneficial effects for all Kharaa lifeforms. Initially, the Drifter can produce enzymes to speed Kharaa structure growth. As specific Hive types are unlocked, different types of enzymes become available to all Drifters.

Innate Abilities


Drifter growing an unbuilt Crag

Grow is the Drifter's signature support ability that speeds up an unbuilt Kharaa structure's growth. Kharaa structures grow slowly without assistance from Drifters or Gorges, so it is important to always position Drifters near Hives and forward expansions.

Grow buildmenu.gif
Sprays growth hormones on a Kharaa structure to speed up build time.
Hotkey Z (select), Mouse1 (cast)
Speed Build time x 100%
Max Amount 1 Drifter per structure
Targets Structures

Unlocked Abilities

Enzyme Cloud

Enzyme Cloud boosting Skulk attack speed

Enzyme Cloud is the Drifter's primary ranged support ability that boosts Kharaa lifeforms' attack and move speed. Using Enzyme Cloud, the Alien Commander can aid his lifeforms to quickly approach and dispatch Marines or demolish Frontiersmen structures. Enzyme Cloud and the Gorge has great synergy, as Heal Spray attack speed is also accelerated, thus allowing more healing for a short time.

Enzyme Cloud
Enzyme cloud buildmenu.gif
Spits a red cloud of enzymes that increases nearby lifeforms' attack and move speed.
  • Enzyme effect stays on lifeforms for 2.3 seconds.
  • Cloud evaporates when burned by Flamethrower.
Hotkey A (select), Mouse1 (cast)
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 2
Range 22
Radius 6.5
Speed Base attack/move speed x 125%
Duration 3 seconds
Targets Ground, Lifeforms
Requires Shift Hive

Hallucination Cloud

Hallucinations hidden among real lifeforms

Hallucination Cloud is the Drifter's secondary ranged support ability that creates mirror images of Kharaa lifeforms inside the cloud. These Hallucinations can be controlled by the Alien Commander to move around, confusing and distracting Marines from attacking the real lifeforms.

Hallucination Cloud
Hallucination cloud buildmenu.gif
Spits a black cloud that creates life-like hallucinations of nearby lifeforms.
  • Prioritizes higher over lower lifeforms within the cloud (from Onos to Skulk).
  • Each mimicked Kharaa player has a 3 seconds cooldown before Hallucination Cloud can be reapplied.
  • Hallucination appearance varies between factions.
    • Real lifeforms to Frontiersmen players.
    • Translucent and purple-colored to Kharaa players.
    • Displays player name, fake damage indicators, and death notification.
    • Appears as purple icons on the Mini-map.
  • Has 20% Health and 0% Armor of the mimicked lifeforms.
    • Max. health: 700 Health
    • Appears as standard health and armor values when selected by commanders.
  • Mimics player actions using bot AI (below are some observable behaviors):
    • Lifeform hallucinations will scout the map for enemies.
    • Fakes attacks that deal no damage.
    • Skulk will move unpredictably as it approaches and bites enemies.
    • Gorge will jump around as it spits at enemies, as well as use Heal Spray when damaged.
    • Lerk will fly evasively and attack with Poison Bite and Spikes.
    • Fade will Blink evasively and attack with Swipe.
    • Onos will attack with Gore head-on.
  • Hallucinations can be directed by Alien Commander via waypoints.
  • Bullets pass through hallucinations.
  • Hallucinations do not trigger armed Mines.
  • Dissipates when:
    • Hallucination Cloud is recast (affects all existing hallucinations).
    • Alien Commander clicks destroy icon on the Drifter hallucination.
    • Hallucination lifetime expires.
  • Cloud evaporates when burned by Flamethrower.
Hotkey S (select), Mouse1 (cast)
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 2
Range 22
Radius 8
Duration 30 seconds
Max Amount 33% of total Kharaa player count, 1 Drifter
Targets Ground, Lifeforms, Drifter
Requires Shade Hive

Mucous Membrane

Mucous Membrane mist healing Armor

Mucous Membrane is the Drifter's tertiary ranged support ability that regenerates Kharaa lifeforms and structures' Armor over time. Mucous Membrane can quickly restore armor for lifeforms using Carapace, and for damaged structures that require healing from Crags, which must heal Health before armor.

Mucous Membrane
Mucous membrane buildmenu.gif
Spits a green mist that heals nearby lifeforms and structures by a percentage of their maximum Armor.
  • Max. heal amount: 65 Armor
  • Cloud evaporates when burned by Flamethrower.
Hotkey D (select), Mouse1 (cast)
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 2
Healing Overheal +15% effective Health (5 second cool down)
Range 22
Radius 8
Duration 5 seconds
Targets Ground, Lifeforms, Structures
Requires Crag Hive