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Crag spawn small.gif
"What's it take to kill these things?!"
Kharaa.png Kharaa
Team Resources
Icon team resource neutral.gif 13
Icon kharaa supply.gif 5 / 200
600 (700)
200 (340)
Ground Speed: 1.5
Abilities and Upgrades
Heal Wave, Move, Heal
Upgrade Onos
Tech Requirements:
Build on Infestation
Build Time: 85 (auto-build), 25 (Grow) seconds
Builds From: Alien Commander
Buy From: Advanced Tab
Hotkey: A
Mature Time: 120 seconds


The Crag is a Kharaa semi-static defense structure built by the Alien Commander. It is a shellfish-like alien organism with a large and bony shell atop its fleshy body, from which several tentacle appendages protrude to aid in movement.

When wounded Kharaa lifeforms are in its presence, the Crag exhales a cloud of bacteria around itself, healing nearby lifeforms and structures alike; the cloud's healing properties can be compared to the Gorge's Heal Spray, albeit with less potency and cannot help Kharaa structures grow. The Crag can continuously exhale healing clouds, and often times when a Hive is besieged by Frontiersmen, nearby Crags can rapidly exhale Heal Waves in response.

NS1 Comparison

The Crag fills the role of the Defensive Chamber from NS1, providing front-line defensive capabilities. The Crag’s bony shell helps serve as natural protection, making it one of the toughest Kharaa structures to kill. Unlike the Defense Chamber, the Crag is now built by the Alien Commander instead of the Gorge, and requires infestation to place and remain healthy.


Heal Wave

Crag unleashing a Heal Wave

Heal Wave
Heal wave icon.gif
Heals nearby wounded Kharaa lifeforms and structures at a bonus healing rate based on the passive Heal ability.
  • Ability cooldown is shared between all Crags.
  • Alien Commander can activate Heal Wave from a nearby Crag through the Assist Tab.
  • All attributes of the passive Heal ability apply to Heal Wave.
Hotkey A (on Crag & Assist Tab)
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 3
Healing Heal x 130%
Duration 8 seconds
Cooldown 6 seconds
Targets Lifeforms, Self, Structures
Requires Crag Hive


An uprooted Whip waddling about

Move / Stop
Move icon.gif
Issues a move or stop order to a Kharaa unit or structure.
  • A waypoint will display at the selected destination.
Hotkey S (icon), Mouse2 (cursor)
Targets Ground, Units, Structures


Crag healing from Switch-Axe damage

Heal icon.gif
Heals nearby wounded Kharaa lifeforms and structures for a percentage of their maximum Health and Armor.
  • Heals to full health before healing armor.
    • Min. heal amount: 10 Health/Armor
    • Max. heal amount: 60 Health/Armor
  • Heal prioritizes players over structures.
  • Multiple Crags cannot heal the same targets.
  • Disables when Crag is burned by Flamethrower or on fire.
Healing 6% of max health/armor
Radius 14
Interval 2 seconds
Max Amount 3 targets per Crag
Targets Lifeforms, Self, Structures


Infestation Dependent

Harvester dying on an uninfested Resource Nozzle

Infestation Dependent
Infestation dependent icon.gif
Most Kharaa structures absorb nutrients by rooting into the Infestation. If the Infestation recedes from underneath a Kharaa structure, it will take damage over time until death or the ground is infested again.
Damage 12 per second
Targets Structures
Requires Off Infestation


A newborn Crag slowly maturing

Nutrient mist icon.gif
Most Kharaa structures will mature over time, gaining extra maximum Health and Armor every second until fully matured.
  • Max health/armor and mature time vary between different structures.
  • At 50% maturity, the structure is prefixed as "Grown".
Targets Structure


Upgrade Onos

Upgrade Onos notification

Upgrade Onos
Onos egg icon.gif
Unlocks Charge, Bone Shield, and Stomp abilities for all Onos players when the abilities' Biomass level requirements are met.
Hotkey Z
TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 35
Research Time 120 seconds
Targets Onos

Tips and Strategies

  • Placing a Crag near a new Hive will heal it to full health and armor, even though it is not considered a grown Hive for Biomass calculations.
  • Crags are now able to "walk" slowly to a new location if Echo is not available
  • Strategic placement of these near the front line with a Gorge can greatly enhance the ability of your lifeforms going back into battle, thus putting more pressure on the Marine side.
  • The new building supply cap (200), means you can not drop these around every corner, be sure to move them to where it is needed.
  • They make your hive very resilient to Marine attack, as the high Health and Armor of a Hive, means a Crag or two in place it will take a Marine team much longer to kill off the hive. Giving Kharaa time to respond.