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Contamination is the Kharaa end game ability that create infestation temporary any where on the map by the Alien Commander; it is accessible in the Commander assist tab once biomass 9 has been reached. It appears as a tumor growth on the selected location, that will spread infestation. The location MUST not be occupied by another structure (eg, you cannot put an tumor on an Infantry Portal directly for example, but can place it nearby, and allow infestation to spread).

The tumor will appears out of the ground, and spreads infestation slowly from the tumor. For all intents and purposes, this is infestation that will allow the Alien Commander to use abilities such as Rupture, and Bone Wall from the temporary Infestation. Structures can also be echoed in (such as whips or crags). The tumor can be killed, or will die naturally after a short time , and the infestation recede after the tumor dies.


Contamination is an end game ability of the Alien Commander to root out a defending marine team.

For instance, echoing in structures on the temporary infestation (for example a group of whips with a crag). The short cool down of contamination is such that you can continually infest the area before infestation recedes completely. During the ensuring confusion, an Kharaa rush into marine base is usually enough to end the game.


  • Contamination Tumor