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"That's some sturdy stuff made of goo..."
Kharaa.png Kharaa
Abilities and Upgrades
Shock Absorb
Tech Requirements:
Place on any surface
Build Time: 0 seconds
Buy From: Build Menu
Purchase By: Gorge
Hotkey: 2
Limit: 10 per player


The Clog is a Kharaa fortification structure created by the Gorge. It is a blob-like mass of Bacterium which can attach to each other. The Hydra can also stick onto Clogs, although requiring infestation or Heal Spray to grow.

The Clog consists entirely of non-living bacterial matter, therefore no Infestation is required to nourish the structure and it cannot be healed. It can withstand numerous explosions before bursting; however, it is highly flammable, so the Flamethrower and Welder can melt through Clogs with ease. Clogs can be digested by the Gorge and other lifeforms with the Use key, as well as succumb to friendly damage. If a supporting Clog is destroyed, all other Clogs attached to it will fall onto the ground.

Each Clog is symbiotically bound to the Gorge, which leaves a genetic imprint that dictates the Clog's life expectancy; the Gorge itself can only produce ten Clogs at most, and should it attempt to surpass this limit, the oldest existing Clog will burst and die.

Used mostly to block pathways, halls, holes, etc. It can block off Frontiersmen from entering the Hive's chamber or Harvester rooms.


Shock Absorb

Clogs absorbing damage from grenade explosions

The Clog can absorb massive damage and reduce it to set amount. Shock absorb allows Clogs to be extra resilient against burst damage.

Shock Absorb
Clog slot.gif
Reduces damage taken to a set amount, if damage exceeds the threshold in one instance.
Damage Damage > 50
Targets Bullets, Explosions, Flames, Railgun



Digesting Clogs to let Onos through

Digest allows the Gorge to remove unnecessary structures built by itself. Since Gorge structures are limited per player, new structures will destroy the oldest ones when the limit is reached. To avoid unwanted destruction, digesting Gorge structures helps to keep older structures in place.

Destroys a target Gorge structure, removing it from play and freeing up the structure per player limit.
  • Hydra and Gorge Tunnel are only digestible by owner.
  • Clog is digestible by both owner and friendly players.
Hotkey E
Range Melee
Duration 2 seconds
Targets Hydra, Clog, Gorge Tunnel


Burning Hydras on the walls

Egg spawn buildmenu.gif
Flammable Kharaa structures will take extra damage from fire-based weapons.
Damage Damage x 250%
Type Flame
Targets Bone Wall, Clog, Contamination, Cyst, Egg, Hydra, Web
Requires Cluster Grenade, Flamethrower, Welder

Tips and Strategies

  • Valid placement of a clog will be green, whilst invalid placement of a clog will be red (and it won't get dropped).
  • Place Clogs across narrow choke points to maximize their efficiency (you can only place 10 in total), with each new clog placed above the limit "popping" the oldest clog.
  • Clogs stick to things, so you can put them across doorways (ie. you don't need to build a base to place the clogs on.
  • Remember to leave enough space so skulks can go through, that way, after a marine has used up ammo to clear the clog and reloading, the skulk(s) can go out and chomp on them.
  • Late game, when Onos are on the field, they may get annoyed with clog walls as it prevents them from getting out due to their large size. Don't be offended if they destroy your wall (default key "E" on a clog).
  • Build a clog wall around your upgrade structures (Shell, Veil, Spur), so marines have to get the clogs before they can hit the upgrades.


  • The Clog received a new model in Beta Build 222. Previously, the placeholder model was the infestation blob.