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Onos taunt.gif
Kharaa.png Kharaa
Personal Resources
Icon personal resource neutral.png 55 (+8 per Evolution)
900 (+25 per Biomass)
450 (517 / 583 / 650)
Icon resources energy neutral.gif 100 (110 / 120 / 130)
Spawns From: Onos Egg
Ground Speed: 7.5 (8.0 / 8.5 / 9.0), 11.5 (Charge)
Crouch Speed: 3.75
Abilities and Upgrades
Alien Vision, Evolve Menu, Hive Sight, Gore (Smash), Charge, Bone Shield, Stomp
Carapace, Regeneration, Aura, Phantom, Adrenaline, Celerity
Charge at biomass 2, Bone Shield at biomass 5, Stomp at biomass 8
Buy From: Evolve Menu
Purchase By: Player
Gestation Time: 30 seconds


The Onos is the largest and most physically powerful Kharaa lifeform. It is a gargantuan alien creature with a sharp rhinoceros-like horn, thick carapace head and arms plating, as well as a sparsely-armored and muscular gorilla-like body.

This monstrosity serves the Kharaa as a living engine of destruction. The Onos is infamous for its rampages through Frontiersmen forward operations and heavy fortifications alike. Using its sharp horn to gore Marines and forelegs to pummel metallic robots or structures, the Onos can withstand substantial damage while it demolishes Frontiersmen establishments. When confronted by strong resistance, the Onos can unleash a seismic shockwave by stomping the ground, which causes Marines to lose their footing and make for easy prey.


The dreadnaughts of the Kharaa, the Onos are tanks – highly armored and very powerful. They are so large they cannot use crawlspaces and many of the narrow passages found on human ships and bases. This does not limit their effectiveness very much – the Onos is the highest level response to any threat, requiring large amounts of resources to gestate, but paying off with truly awe-inspiring strength.

Though it can seem like a joke (and one in poor taste, considering the devastation this species has caused), the name "Onos" does actually come from the phrase "Oh no." Early on in the conflict with the Kharaa, a Frontiersmen squad was fighting to regain control of a solar array in the Eleme system. Sporadic audio contact had been maintained with the squad by an experimental broadcasting spike, driven through the station's hull. In the besieged marine base, heavy turret placement and reinforcements had allowed them to hold off wave after wave of attack. Time stamp 65.05.43: Through the sound of gunfire and grenades, the screech of leaping Skulks and swoosh of acid rockets, a faint roar is heard. The alien weapons fall conspicuously silent. The turrets stop. The roar is heard again, much closer, much louder. Then four marines, almost in unison … "Oh no". All hell breaks loose, contact is lost. These "Oh no"s mark the first contact with this species.

Like the Fade, the Onos' natural strength and armor are the core of its deadliness. It is the most powerful species of the Kharaa. It can soak up incredible amounts of damage, and single-handedly destroy all but the best outfitted bases or squads. The Onos' primary melee attack consists of ramming its long tusks, backed by its considerable bulk, tearing through metal, flesh, and armor with ease.


As an Onos, you are the Kharaa's battering ram against Frontiersmen fortified positions. The heavy investment into evolving an Onos however, means it is important to play cautiously since staying in a fight too long is the difference between keeping the siege advantage or not. Never be greedy as an Onos and never charge into a fortified area without backup, as these situations will certainly lead to an early death. In an ideal situation, a dedicated Gorge healer should back up a charging Onos.

When attacking a Frontiersmen base (Command Station, Resource Nozzle position, etc), it is usually the best option to smash the Power Node first rather than focus on Marines. Destroying a Power Node can unpower the room's structures and simultaneously reduce Marines' visibility. Other important structures are the Phase Gate and Observatory, which can bring unexpected reinforcements to the fray.

Phase Gates are easier to destroy than the latter, since a few Skulks camping the gate can quickly kill any Marines phasing in. Observatories can be very dangerous to Oni because of their special ability, the Distress Beacon. Stay alert and listen for the Distress Beacon's siren-like noise; be prepared to escape or quickly disable the Observatory before every available Marine descend on your position.


Player Abilities

Alien Vision

Alien Vision highlighting everything in the Frontiersmen base

All Kharaa lifeforms possess hypersensitive retinas that allow Alien Vision (or Dark Vision), which changes the lifeform's perspective in order to distinguish between organisms, structures, and the terrain.

Alien Vision
Aura icon.gif
Toggle Alien Vision mode to highlight all units and structures in white, and the terrain in orange.
  • Brightness is affected by lighting in the room.
  • Red emergency lighting and complete darkness are considered as the same brightness level.
Hotkey F
Targets Players, Units, Structures, Terrain

Evolve Menu

Selecting a lifeform to evolve while inside a vent

The Evolve Menu allows Kharaa players to select different lifeforms and unlocked Traits to evolve using Personal Resources. It contains information about each lifeform, such as name, cost, Health, Armor, abilities, effects of each Trait, and more.

Evolve Menu
Evolve menu icon.gif
Opens the Evolve Menu to purchase different Kharaa lifeforms and available Traits using Personal Resources.
Hotkey B
Targets Lifeforms
Requires Valid ground to spawn player Egg

Hive Sight

Kharaa lifeforms behind a wall

Hive Sight is an innate passive ability for all Kharaa lifeforms. All nearby visible players, units and structures will be highlighted in an orange glow at all times. Friendly players will also be visible through walls, allowing players to coordinate and position themselves against incoming Frontiersmen forces.

Hive Sight
Hive sight icon.gif
Hive Sight highlights all players and structures in an orange glow. When nearby, Kharaa players can see each other through walls.
  • Parasited targets are visible through walls and glow more brightly.
Range 30
Targets Players, Units, Structures

Slot Abilities


Goring a Marine to death in Refinery's Turbine
Smashing an Arms Lab

Gore is the Onos' primary melee attack that deals separate damage against Frontiersmen players and structures. Marines are impaled by the Onos' horn, while MACs, ARCs, Exosuits, and structures are smashed by the forelegs. It is an excellent anti-player and demolition ability that compliments the Onos' monstrous Health pool.

Gore slot.gif
Impales a target with the Onos' sharp horn, or smashes a robot or structure with the forelegs that deal extra damage.
  • Against Robots and Structures: Damage x 200%
  • Disrupts Marine's aim for a short time.
Hotkey 1 (slot), Mouse1 (attack)
Energy Icon resources energy neutral.gif 12
Damage 100
Type Structural
Range Melee
Fire Rate 0.5 seconds
Duration 0.7 seconds
Targets Marines, Robots, Structures


Charging down a corridor with dust flying everywhere

Charge is the Onos' unique movement mechanic that grants it high forward movement speed. While charging, the Onos cannot change direction, but may attack at any time while halting the charge. When moving, the Onos creates noise and screen shake for nearby Marines, as well as cause dust to fall from lights in the room.

Charge slot.gif
Charges forward to increase move speed.
Hotkey Shift (channel)
Energy Icon resources energy neutral.gif 38 per second
Speed Base speed + 4
Delay 1 seconds
Targets Self
Requires Biomass level 2, Research Charge

Bone Shield

Shielding against Sentry turrets

Bone Shield is the Onos' channeled defensive ability that negates all forms of damage from the front while active. The Onos cannot move and will not regenerate energy nor benefit from Shift's Energize while using Bone Shield. Bone Shield allows the Onos to shield itself and other Kharaa lifeforms directly behind it, but also greatly reducing the Onos' combat ability with low energy reserves.

Bone Shield
Bone shield slot.gif
Extends the bone blades on the Onos' forehead to shield against damage from the front.
  • Cannot move while active.
  • Cannot recharge energy from Shift while active.
Hotkey 2 (slot), Mouse1 (channel)
Energy Icon resources energy neutral.gif 10 (start), 13 (channel)
Damage 75% damage negation from front
Targets Bullets, Explosives, Flames, Railgun
Requires Biomass level 5, Research Bone Shield


Marines trying to get up after an Onos' Stomp

Stomp is the Onos' signature secondary ability that excels at crowd control. By using its weight to stomp on the ground, the Onos creates a shockwave that will stun Marines caught in its path and also cracks the floor to deal damage. Stomp also has varying effects on some structures, such as Sentry turrets and Mines.

Stomp slot.gif
Stomps the ground to create cracks and a shockwave along the floor, which cause nearby Marines to lose their footing temporarily.
  • Against Structures: Damage x 200%
  • Disables Marines' attack and movement.
  • Disrupts Sentry targeting and fire rate.
  • Detonates Mines prematurely.
Hotkey Mouse2
Energy Icon resources energy neutral.gif 30
Damage 40
Type Heavy
Range 12
Radius 2
Duration 2 seconds
Targets Marines, Sentry, Mines
Requires Biomass level 8, Research Stomp