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Community Development Team (CDT)

CDT logo2.png

How it came to be

After Build 265, the Kodiak update, UWE has moved onto their next projects (Future Perfect and Subnautica). As a result, they were no longer patching or developing for Natural Selection 2. A number of community volunteers stepped up and was given permission by UWE to continue the development of this unique game. The CDT are all comprised of volunteers that devote their own time for the betterment of the game and community. The list of CDT members can be found on this forum post.

What does the CDT do

To date, (12th July 2015), the CDT has released 9 patches, with plans for the 10th patch coming out soon. There has been many quality of life changes to the game, many bug fixes, performance improvements etc... You can see what they are working on by going to the Trello board where you can vote for the changes you would like the CDT to work on.

How to contact members of the CDT

Members of the CDT are very active on the official NS2 forums, and this is the best place to post your feed back and suggestions.