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Bone Wall

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The Bone Wall is the Kharaa destructible obstacle structure created by the Alien Commander; it is accessible in the Commander assist tab once a second Hive is complete. It appears as a cluster of elongated bones and spikes protruding from Infestation.

The Bone Wall erupts from infestation instantly when placed, allowing the Commander to erect a makeshift blockade to impede Frontiersmen attacks or escape in Kharaa territory. However, it can also block Kharaa lifeforms from moving across the terrain. Marines can destroy the Bone Wall using any weapons or wait until the wall collapses on itself shortly after creation.


The bone wall allows the Alien Commander to control the ebb and flow of a battle, robbing that from the Marines.

For instance, a bone wall can be placed to block the path of marines who are chasing down an Onos or Gorge with the intent to kill it.

It can also be placed to grant a temporary respite from an attack on structures that are being defended by a Gorge, giving that player a brief moment to heal those structures before the fight continues.

Another option is to split a larger marine squad into smaller parts. As a group of Marines perhaps including Exosuits enter the Hive, those Marines tend to enter and leave the Hive to reload or weld. With the right timing you can split off just a couple of marines and trap them in the hive room, leaving them vulnerable to the claws of the Kharaa.


  • Bone Wall
    • Health: 100 / Biomass level
    • Armor: None
    • Cost: 3 Icon team resource neutral.gif Team Resources
    • Prerequisite: 3 Biomass