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as of Build 282
(Current Build : 284)


Biomass is the Kharaa tech progression system responsible for scaling all lifeforms' maximum Health, as well as unlocking lifeform abilities once research requirements are met.


The Biomass progression bar contains a total of twelve levels obtainable throughout the course of a game; it is visible at the top left corner for the Alien Commander at all times, and for Kharaa players when they access the Mini-map or the Evolve Menu.

Each constructed Hive provides one level of Biomass by default. The Alien Commander can research two additional Biomass levels from a single Hive using Team Resources; because Biomass level will increase by both methods, the Alien Commander can choose between base expansion by building a new Hive, or researching Biomass levels from the primary Hive. However, each Hive can only provide a maximum of three Biomass levels, so building new Hives is required to unlock the entire Kharaa tech-tree.

Scaling Health

Each Biomass level will increase the maximum health pool of every Kharaa player, depending on different lifeforms. The health pool bonus will increase or decrease in accordance to the current Biomass level; if a Hive is destroyed, the passive Biomass level provided and any Biomass researched from that Hive will be lost, thus reducing maximum health for all Kharaa players in the process.

Biomass Lifeform Max. Health Scaling
Lifeform Health Per Level Lv. 1 to 3 Lv. 4 to 6 Lv.7 to 9 Lv. 10 to 12
Skulk idle.gif

+3 max Icon health.gif 70 / 73 / 76 79 / 82 / 85 88 / 91 / 97 100 / 103 / 106
Gorge idle.gif

+2 max Icon health.gif 160 / 162 / 164 166 / 168 / 170 172 / 174 / 176 178 / 180 / 182
Lerk idle.gif

+2 max Icon health.gif 125 / 127 / 129 131 / 133 / 135 137 / 139 / 141 143 / 145 / 147
Fade idle.gif

+5 max Icon health.gif 250 / 255 / 260 265 / 270 / 275 280 / 285 / 290 295 / 300 / 305
Onos idle.gif

+25 max Icon health.gif 900 / 925 / 950 975 / 1000 / 1025 1050 / 1075 / 1100 1125 / 1150 / 1175

Unlocking Abilities

Biomass levels one to nine are requirements to unlock certain abilities for different Kharaa lifeforms. These abilities will become available after reaching the required Biomass levels and researching the associated lifeform upgrade from the Hive. Both requirements must be met to unlock abilities.

Lifeform Upgrades

The five playable Kharaa lifeforms: Skulk, Gorge, Lerk, Fade, and Onos, have individual Lifeform Upgrades that, once researched, will automatically unlock abilities for all Kharaa players when the required Biomass levels are reached. The Biomass Levels table below shows the order of abilities from the Biomass progression bar.

Biomass Levels & Unlocked Abilities
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9
Biomass bar 9.jpg
Babbler egg icon.gif Rupture icon.gif Bone wall icon.gif Leap icon.gif Webs icon.gif Spores icon.gif Stab icon.gif Stomp icon.gif Xenocide icon.gif
Babbler Egg Rupture Bone Wall Leap Web Spores Stab Stomp Xenocide
Charge icon.gif Bile bomb icon.gif Umbra icon.gif Bone shield icon.gif Contamination icon.gif
Charge Bile Bomb Umbra Bone Shield Contamination
Nutrient mist icon.gif Metabolize Adv Metabolize.png
Nutrient Mist Metabolize Advanced
Gorge egg icon.gif Shadow step icon.gif
Gorge Egg Fade Egg
Lerk egg icon.gif Onos egg icon.gif
Lerk Egg Onos Egg
  • Maximum 12 Biomass levels (levels 10 to 12 do not unlock additional abilities)
  • Unlocks specific lifeform abilities once researched from Hive.
  • Enables Alien Commander abilities and pre-evolved lifeform Eggs.
  • Increases maximum Health pool depending on lifeform.