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Assault Rifle

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M-39 Assault Weapon
Rifle side 350.png
Hotkey 1
Damage 10/(11/12/13) per round
Type Normal
Fire Rate 0.055 seconds
Reload Speed 2.25 seconds
Clip Size 50
Ammo 200


The Assault Rifle is the standard Frontiersmen rapid-firing ranged primary weapon, equipped by all Marines that materialize from the Infantry Portal. It is very accurate over close to moderate range, sporting a modest amount of ammunition and requiring only a brief moment to reload. Once weapons level upgrades are researched from the Arms Lab by the Marine Commander, the rifle will increase in damage potency; this is indicated by distinct firing sounds for each level of weapons upgrade.

Since the previous conflicts with the Kharaa, Marines have adopted a rifle bash technique to ward off Skulks in close encounters or when low on ammunition.

The Assault Rifle can be replaced by a Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, or a Flamethrower. You can enter any Exosuit by pressing 'e'. You may also drop the Assault Rifle by pressing 'g'.

Click below to watch a video by It'sSuperEffective! about the Assault Rifle

The Video


AR Diagram.png

A: your crosshair

B: ammo left in the clip

C: number of spare clips you have


Speed with the Assault Rifle
with the Rifle out with the Pistol/Axe out
Movement Walking Sprinting Walking Sprinting
forward 5.21 6.25 5.41 6.49
strafing 5.21 5.41
backward 2.09 2.17

The Assault Rifle weighs the least of all primaries giving you the most mobility.

  • 11% speed penalty walking with it out
  • 13% speed penalty running with it out

Rifle Bash

The Rifle Bash is your mouse 2 ability that lets you (almost) instantaneously swing your rifle in front of you to bash whatever is in front of you. It is best used to finish off a Skulk in close quarters. Otherwise you can output more damage by shooting.

Rifle Bash
Rifle bash.png
Hotkey Mouse 2
Damage 20 per bash
Type Normal
Fire Rate 0.85 seconds

Tips and Tactics

  • you can not shoot through teammates or any hard surface; try to get a clear line of sight to your opponent.
  • try to track your opponents; try to follow and predict the aliens movement.
  • don't shoot just because you can; only fire when you know you can hit your target.
  • fire in bursts, the Assault Rifle burns through ammo fast, if you can't hit, don't shoot or you will empty your clip and be forced to reload.
  • only use the Rifle Bash to finish enemies off; you always deal more damage faster by shooting.
  • try to stay in a group; its always easier to shoot a Skulk biting on a friend instead of you.
  • once you are engaged in a battle, don't try to reload, switch to your pistol.
  • try to put some distance between you and your target with a strafe jump.
  • if it's safe, use your Switch-Axe to take out alien structures so you don't waste ammo.