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Arc deploy close.gif
TSA.png Frontiersmen
Team Resources
Icon team resource neutral.gif 10
Icon marine supply.gif 20 / 200
500, 0 (deployed)
Move Speed: 2, 0.8 (in combat)
Infestation Speed: 0.8
Abilities and Upgrades
Sonic Cannon, Deploy, Undeploy
Tech Requirements:
ARC Robotics Factory
Build Time: 7 seconds
Builds From: ARC Robotics Factory
Purchase By: Marine Commander
Hotkey: A


The ARC is a Marine Commander controlled robotic vehicle built for besieging heavily infested Kharaa territory; it is constructed from the ARC Factory by the Marine Commander. The ARC can be deployed to unleash its experimental sonic-based weapon to deal massive damage to alien structures, regardless of any physical obstruction between the ARC and its targets. However, Marines are often required to escort, provide defense and line-of-sight for the siege vehicles, due to the long cooldown period between sonic blasts and absence of armor when the ARC is deployed.

Differences from Original Natural Selection

The main difference from NS1 siege cannons is that the ARC has mobility. It still possesses the ability to attack through walls*. However, it must be deployed in order to attack (thus stationary), requires line of sight to lock onto targets (from friendly Marines, robotic units, buildings or Scanner Sweep) and can undeploy to enable movement.


Targeted Abilities

Sonic Cannon

ARC blasting a Hive room through walls
Sonic Cannon
The ARC can unleash a supersonic blast through walls and devastate Kharaa structures.
Hotkey A
Damage 450
Type Splash
Range 26
Minimum Range 7
Radius 7
Delay 3 seconds
Targets Structures

Toggled Abilities


ARC deployed and ready for siege
Arcdeploy buildmenu.png
Puts ARC into firing mode. While deployed, the ARC cannot move and loses all armor.
Hotkey Z
Delay 3 seconds


ARC armored transport mode
Arc buildmenu.png
Puts ARC into movement mode. While undeployed, the ARC cannot attack and has armor.
Hotkey X
Delay 3 seconds