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Welcome to the Natural Selection 2 Wiki Community Portal!

Currently [[editing]] 822 articles related to Natural Selection 2 in multiple languages!
We're always welcoming new editors, so why not Register Now contribute!

What's this all about?

The community portal is for a list of all things "community" made.

Be it custom content, a fan-site or something else that's cool, NS related and not released by UWE.

How can I help?

  • Please register and use the same handle you use on the UW site to avoid confusion.
  • Please don't use it like you would IRC or the forums (off topic discussion, chat, jokes).
  • Please follow our Community Guidelines when writing here. We are currently working on an expanded set of policy to govern specific cases across the Wiki and #naturalselection IRC channel.
  • Review the Stub Category and contribute to improving the linked articles if you can.
  • Keep it simple. There is no need for millions of pages. Most information can be contained within 1 page. IE: upgrades of a building.
  • Click Random page to view a random page on this wiki for further improvement.

A wiki is never free from errors or omissions, and most of the time these are purely by accident. These will be fixed as they are found, and you can help out!

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NS2 in other languages

English isn't your main language?

The NS2 Wiki is primarily an English Wiki first. However as it is a community wiki some users might be willing to take on a wiki translation attempt. At this stage we have русский - français - Deutsch - 日本語 - español

If you want to assist more see this page for more specific details.